When GCR's tweet got 1m views in a few hours, I thought to myself, "Ohh, what if all the people reading this tweet buy spot and go long heavily? Everyone can't win like this. It's not how the game works." But in the last few days we're seeing all those buyers losing their conviction and puking their positions while blaming GCR. GCR literally said hold onto your spot bags and don't get shaken out. He's mentioned in the past that there will be many shakeouts until the full-blown bull market. If you sell in hopes of buying lower, I guarantee you that you won't buy lower. That's how human psychology works. If you sell to buy lower, you'll be left in dust... - Can we go lower? Ofc! - Will you sell to buy lower? Nope - Can you handle the possible drawdown? I think so. I know that I'll be mad shaking in case of a big market correction, but I know that's the right feeling, so I'll hold onto my spot bags. 🫡

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