July 16 Tuesday
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7 minutes ago ODAILY
According to Odaily Odaily, according to market news, OKX recently asked major brokers to provide detailed information on sub-accounts, including the name of the entity or individual that controls each sub-account and the jurisdiction in which they are located. The relevant information needs to be provided before July 17. It is reported that if this is not done, it may lead to undisclosed sub-accounts being restricted from trading and/or sub-accounts being closed. OKX has not commented on this matter. (Coindesk)
8 minutes ago ODAILY
Odaily Odaily News LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino advises founders and CEOs in the crypto space: “Completely ignore everything and anyone and focus on building an excellent product. With an excellent product, financing, business expansion, and everything else will become 100 times easier.”
13 minutes ago ODAILY
Odaily Odaily reported that according to Whale Alert monitoring, an address transferred 59,999,967 USDT to FalconX, worth approximately 60,083,967 US dollars.
16 minutes ago ODAILY and 1 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News: Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said that economic growth is expected to slow this year and inflation will continue to make progress. If the Fed waits until the inflation rate reaches 2% before cutting interest rates, it will wait too long. (Jinshi)
40 minutes ago ODAILY and 1 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News DAI lending protocol Spark announced on the X platform that new parameter changes are being deployed to SparkLend on the Ethereum mainnet: 1. According to the latest recommendations of BA Labs, Spark's effective DAI borrowing rate is reduced by 1 percentage point, from 9% to 8%; 2. The Ethereum mainnet will increase the weETH supply limit to 200,000 weETH and the weETH isolation mode debt limit to 200 million DAI; 3. The Dai savings rate on the Ethereum mainnet has been reduced. If this executive vote is approved, the Dai savings rate will be reduced from 8% to 7%. 4. If the executive vote is passed, the above changes will be available for deployment in SparkLend within 30 hours after approval.
an hour ago ODAILY and 2 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News Galaxy accused Richard Kim, a former general partner of Galaxy Interactive, a venture fund focused on games, of embezzling at least $3.67 million from its new blockchain startup Zero Edge. It is reported that Kim worked at the company until recently. Kim said that Zero Edge raised more than $7 million from investors and officially completed its seed round of financing two months ago, but he has admitted to investors that he lost most of the money in a series of bad cryptocurrency transactions and subsequently resigned from the company. He has surrendered to the public reporting hotline of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). (coindesk)
an hour ago ODAILY
Odaily Odaily News Mantra posted on the X platform that the second season of the 50 million OM GenDrop is scheduled to start on July 17, and early participants of MANTRA.ZONE will receive rewards. In the next 48 hours, a snapshot of the first season of the Galxe leaderboard will be taken.
an hour ago ODAILY and 4 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News: Larry Fink, co-founder and CEO of BlackRock, said in an interview with CNBC: "I used to be a Bitcoin skeptic, but then I studied Bitcoin, learned about Bitcoin, and then found that the views of the past five years were wrong. I'm not saying that Bitcoin won't be abused like other things, but it is a legitimate financial instrument that allows you to get returns that may be unrelated and non-correlated." (theblock)
an hour ago ODAILY
Odaily Odaily reported that according to data disclosed by SolanaFloor, the market value of Solana (SOL) has returned above US$70 billion and currently reaches approximately US$70.98 billion.
an hour ago ChainCatcher and 1 more media reports
According to ChainCatcher, according to coinglass data, the total liquidation amount of the entire network in the past 24 hours was US$135 million, the long position liquidation amount was US$21.86 million, and the short position liquidation amount was US$113 million, of which BTC liquidation amount was US$59.09 million, ETH liquidation amount was US$27.16 million, and SOL liquidation amount was US$8.16 million.
an hour ago ChainCatcher and 1 more media reports
According to ChainCatcher, Binance has released an update on the Binance Futures Coin-based WebSocket domain name. Binance Futures will integrate the dstream domain name at 14:00 (ET on July 29, 2024). To ensure access to the WebSocket server data of the Coin-based Contracts platform, Binance recommends that API users establish a new WebSocket connection before 14:00 (ET on July 29, 2024).
an hour ago PANews and 1 more media reports
PANews reported on July 15 that according to Catizen’s official Twitter, the number of Catizen game players has exceeded 25 million today, of which the total number of Telegram premium accounts has reached 1.8 million, the number of on-chain users has exceeded 1.4 million, the total on-chain interaction data has exceeded 19 million, and the total number of users above the platinum list has exceeded 300,000. Catizen officials have decided to allocate 1% of the total tokens from the team's token share to the community airdrop, that is, the original 42% of airdrop tokens will be increased to 43% to compensate for the risk of insufficient potential community benefits due to the increase in the user base and the decrease in per capita shares.
an hour ago ODAILY and 1 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News: Owlto Finance today launched the Owlmazing Summer cross-chain event for four weeks. The top 1,000 users on the weekly points list can engrave NFTs enabled by Owlto airdrops for free. Owlto Finance updated its points system last month and announced a snapshot of Q3.
an hour ago PANews
PANews reported on July 15 that according to the Associated Press, OpenAI's whistleblower asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate the confidentiality agreements signed between the company and its employees.
an hour ago ODAILY and 2 more media reports
Odaily Odaily News According to the official announcement, Binance announced the appointment of Guilherme Nazar as Vice President of Latin American Market to further develop the crypto industry throughout Latin America. He will focus on promoting innovation, increasing adoption, and designing and implementing user-centric Binance business strategies. Currently, Frida Vargas, General Manager of Binance Mexico, and Daniel Acosta, who is responsible for Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, will continue to lead their local markets and report to Nazar.
an hour ago PANews and 4 more media reports
PANews reported on July 15 that Jan Hatzius, chief economist of Goldman Sachs, said that they believe that the Federal Reserve has "good reasons" to cut interest rates at the July meeting, but did not change their forecast that the Fed will start cutting interest rates in September. According to the latest unemployment and inflation data, a federal funds rate of 4% is appropriate, while it is currently 5.25%-5.5%. Therefore, it is expected that interest rate cuts will begin soon. Reasons for taking action in July include the volatility of monthly inflation, which may make the September rate cut difficult to explain if there is a temporary re-acceleration, and the Fed's undeniable motivation to "avoid starting to cut interest rates in the last two months of the presidential campaign." While this does not mean that the Fed cannot start cutting interest rates in September, it is indeed more appropriate in July.
2 hours ago Blockbeats and 1 more media reports
On July 15, according to Whale Alert monitoring, a total of 140,110,241 USDT held by three addresses were frozen by Tether.
2 hours ago ChainCatcher and 1 more media reports
According to ChainCatcher, Web3 startup Fileverse has launched a collaborative document sharing program called ddocs, aiming to become a competitor to Google Docs, according to The Block. ddocs provides almost all of the features of Google Docs, but with better privacy protection and Web3 features. Users can use it without interacting with the Web3 infrastructure, but can create accounts, store hash versions of files, and control access rights by signing a multi-signature wallet on Gnosis Safe. The Fileverse team has also developed Fileverse Portal and Fileverse Solo, a file sharing service similar to Notion. Fileverse founder Andreas Tsamados said ddocs is a breath of fresh air that provides privacy protection for users.
2 hours ago ODAILY and 2 more media reports
Odaily Odaily reported that North Korean hackers are infiltrating the crypto industry by forging job applicants' identities, making up to $600 million in annual profits. The United Nations reported that about 4,000 North Korean hackers are trying to enter the Western technology industry, including the crypto industry, by concealing their identities. In the past seven years, North Korean hackers have stolen $3 billion worth of crypto assets through 58 cyber thefts. Taylor Monahan, chief security researcher at MetaMask, pointed out that North Korea generates income through the illegal sale of resources, IT jobs, manual labor and hacking activities. With the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, Wall Street has recognized cryptocurrencies as an asset class, and the demand for recruitment in the crypto industry has surged, but the influx of fake job seekers has made recruitment more difficult. (DL News)
2 hours ago ODAILY
Odaily Odaily News According to Binance's official blog, Binance Chief Compliance Officer Noah Perlman shared Binance's evolution in understanding and executing compliance. He said that Binance is actually doing three things at the same time: First, correct past problems; Second, as the world's largest exchange with more than 200 million users, run a compliance program as usual; Third, continuously improve the compliance program. In addition, Noah Perlman said that Binance has been working hard to ensure the release of Tigran Gambaryan. Every internal compliance meeting starts with an update on Tigran's situation, and Binance continues to communicate with the Nigerian government to defend him and emphasize that he cannot be held responsible for Binance's activities in Nigeria. Noah Perlman said: "We will not forget Tigran Gambaryan, and we will continue to work tirelessly to get him back to safety and his family."
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