February 27 Tuesday
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5 minutes ago Followin Flash News
On the morning of February 27, BTC surged in volume, briefly exceeding US$57,640, with a 24-hour increase of 12.9%. The price has reached the highest point of the year, and is only US$8,000 away from the historical high of 69,000. Coingrass data shows that the weighted funding rate for BTC positions is 0.0264%, which is a 2-month high. Detailed data shows that 134 million positions were liquidated in 24 hours, of which 12.51 million were liquidated for long orders and 121 million were liquidated for short orders. Why did BTC suddenly rise rapidly? Maybe some of the following situations are related. First, the impact of ETFs. Nine new spot Bitcoin ETFs excluding GBTC saw daily trading volume of $2.4 billion, a record high and about double the recent average daily volume. BlackRock IBIT's trading volume hit $1.3 billion, about 30% higher than its previous all-time high. Second, the impact of US BTC concept stocks. Coinbase is estimated to have risen 16.85% in a single day, reaching $193, standing on the high of the year. In addition, micro-strategy increased by 15.8% in a single day, also reaching the high point of the year. (Currently holding approximately 193,000 BTC, the average purchase price is $31,544 per coin.) Third, cut it in half. The fourth Bitcoin halving is expected to occur in May 2024. According to past data, the Bitcoin halving will often drive the price of BTC into a phased rise. fourth. Technical support. Bitcoin has been hovering around $52,000 for the past two weeks, looking for a breakout or a downward correction. As a result, BTC chose to move upward and broke through the range of shock since February 15.
10 minutes ago PANews
PANews reported on February 27 that Ark Invest Daily data showed that Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest sold 35,509 shares of COIN (Coinbase Global Inc) on February 26, which was worth approximately $6.8866 million based on the closing price of $193.94. In addition, ARK Invest sold a total of 444,853 ROBINHOOD shares on the same day, which was worth approximately US$700,000 based on the closing price of US$15.59.
12 minutes ago PANews and 2 more media reports
PANews reported on February 21 that according to the official announcement, South Korean crypto exchage Upbit announced that it will list AltLayer (ALT) and Pyth Network (PYTH) in the Korean won market and BTC market. ALT trading is expected to start at 15:00 Beijing time today, and PYTH trading It is expected to open at 17:00 Beijing time today.
17 minutes ago MarsBit and 1 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest reduced its holdings of 35,509 shares of Coinbase stock COIN on Monday (February 26), and also reduced its holdings of 444,853 shares of Robinhood stock HOOD.
21 minutes ago Foresight News and 2 more media reports
According to Foresight News , according to monitoring by on-chain analyst ai_9684xtpa, a certain whale transferred approximately 120,000 LINK from Binance 10 hours ago, worth approximately US$2.3 million. The whale address currently holds approximately 510,000 LINK holdings, worth approximately US$9.88 million.
25 minutes ago ODAILY and 2 more media reports
Odaily Odaily reported that according to Lookonchain monitoring, a newly created wallet has just withdrawn 23,361 ETH (USD 75.6 million) from Binance.
26 minutes ago Blockbeats
According to BlockBeats news, on February 27, Aperture Finance released its “Light White Paper”, introducing a revolutionary DeFi infrastructure based on chatbot UX. The infrastructure aims to revolutionize how users interact with the blockchain by letting them "state their goals" in natural language and plug into a network of solutions for better execution and pricing than is possible under the current trading paradigm. Way. Aperture is building a novel chatbot UX powered by an underlying "intent" infrastructure that will allow users to express their trading goals and preferences more intuitively and efficiently, making it easier and more precise to mine the blockchain potential, promising benefits for wider adoption. The infrastructure is divided into several components, including an intent clearinghouse (Mempool), zero-knowledge proofs for data validity (ZK-Simulate), verification smart contracts, and a ranking and execution engine. In addition, Aperture innovatively proposes "Solution DAOs (Solver DAOs)" as its application layer. These DAOs will focus on enabling and solving use cases based on specific intentions without worrying about the underlying execution requirements.
28 minutes ago MarsBit and 1 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, market conditions show that the ETH/BTC exchange rate fell to around 0.057 and is now trading at 0.05736, with a 24H decline of 4.81%.
28 minutes ago ODAILY and 1 more media reports
Odaily Odaily reported that according to Whale Alert monitoring, at 10:29:23 Beijing time, 8,426 ETH ($27,248,182) were transferred from Binance to an unknown wallet.
29 minutes ago MarsBit and 2 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, according to monitoring by on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, the band whale(the original band winning rate was 100%), which had a liquidation loss of 4 million US dollars on 02.15, exchanged USDC for 935 ETH through six flash loan early this morning and repaid the loan. Currently, 14.15 million DAI is still mortgaged and 3,590 ETH is lent, with a Compound health of 1.02. When ETH rises to $3,290, it will once again face liquidation.
31 minutes ago Foresight News and 3 more media reports
According to Foresight News , OrdFi ecological protocol Tap Protocol tweeted that it will conduct its first airdrop snapshot for TRAC holders in the near future, and eligible addresses may receive an airdrop of the Tap Protocol governance token TAP. Foresight News previously reported that Tap Protocol completed US$4.2 million in financing, led by Sora Ventures, with participation from Cypher Capital, Rw3, Oak Grove Capital, Perock Capital, Kosmos Ventures, New Tribe Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Compute Ventures and MSA Novo, etc. .
38 minutes ago MarsBit and 1 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, HODL15Capital posted on the DeIBIT) bought another 7,700 BTC yesterday.
39 minutes ago MarsBit and 1 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, according to market data, Bitcoin ecological tokens have generally risen, including: STX has gained 22.21% in 24 hours and is currently quoted at $3.089; RIF has gained 15.97% in 24 hours and is currently quoted at $0.237; ALEX has gained 20.8% in 24 hours and is now quoted at $0.422.
40 minutes ago ODAILY and 4 more media reports
Odaily Odaily Coinglass data shows that as the price of Bitcoin exceeded US$57,000, the entire network liquidated in the past hour reached US$112 million, with the main liquidation of short orders reaching US$83.2726 million, and the liquidation of long orders amounting to US$28.4994 million. Bitcoin exploded. The position amount was US$71.2985 million, and the ETH liquidation amount was US$24.7805 million.
40 minutes ago Foresight News and 1 more media reports
According to Foresight News , according to Blockworks, Ethereum domain name service provider ENS Labs has obtained permission from its DAO to pay a settlement of US$300,000 to Manifold Finance and reimburse ENS Labs US$750,000 in legal fees. Previously, on September 3, 2022, the encryption platform Manifold Finance purchased eth.link on the auction website Dynadot, and then ENS applied for an injunction to the Arizona District Court to prevent the domain name from being transferred.
an hour ago PANews
[Important information last night and this morning (February 26-February 27)] SEC’s settlement agreement with Genesis approved by court According to Blockworks, the settlement agreement reached by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Genesis was approved by the court during a hearing on Monday. With no objections raised, Judge Sean Lane found it a "reasonable settlement". Earlier this month, Genesis filed a settlement agreement with the SEC in court. As part of the agreement, the company may pay a $21 million penalty, but the exact amount depends on how much creditors are repaid. The court scheduled the hearing for three days but could extend the time if necessary, the judge said. A key issue is DCG's opposition to a bankruptcy plan proposed by Genesis creditors. DCG previously argued that the scheme "favored" some creditors and "deprived" the company of "other valuable economic and corporate governance rights." Genesis lawyer Sean O'Neill told Monday's hearing that DCG should not have stepped in and taken a cut of client assets. Genesis has previously said that under its plan, creditors expect recovery rates of up to 77%, but that depends on the plan being approved by a judge. Yuga Labs: Magic Eden Ethereum Market will go live tomorrow and will stop working with NFT markets that do not support royalties for all creators Yuga Labs announced on Twitter that the Magic Eden Ethereum Market will be launched tomorrow, which is the first major market to collaborate with creators. Additionally, cooperation with NFT marketplaces that do not support all creator royalties will stop starting tomorrow, meaning Yuga Labs collectibles with royalty filters can only be traded on marketplaces that respect all creator royalties at the protocol level. Steven Cheng, a research analyst at The Block Research, said: “The vast majority of royalty-generating NFTs in the Yuga Labs collection belong to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club brands, which are not affected by this change. Therefore, in terms of royalties, Revenue-wise, this update doesn't have a huge impact on Yuga Labs, but it does incentivize the team to build and provide value to its Otherside series." A new proposal from the JPEG'd community proposes using treasury funds for airdrop mining The Snapshot page shows that the NFT lending protocol JPEG'd community initiated a vote on the proposal "Using treasury funds for airdrop mining", which intends to allow project teams to use part of the funds in the treasury for airdrop mining, such as Eigenlayer, Blast, etc., to allow projects The team will use up to 50% of the Ethereum in the treasury (worth nearly $19 million) for the airdrop mining strategy, and the voting end date is March 1. Cosmos founder Jae Kwon's company will introduce a new platform called G before AtomOne
an hour ago MarsBit and 2 more media reports
According to Mars Finance news, market conditions show that BTC touched 57,500 USDT in the short term and is now trading at 56,687.8 USDT, with a 24H increase of 10.11%.
an hour ago ODAILY and 1 more media reports
According to official news from Odaily Odaily, BwareLabs has pledged 400,000 MANTA and become a Manta Network Collator node to provide users with Stake staking services.
an hour ago Blockbeats and 2 more media reports
BlockBeats news, on February 27, according to OKX market data, Bitcoin briefly exceeded US$57,000 and is now quoted at US$56,671, a 24-hour increase of 10.06%, a new high since January 2022.
an hour ago PANews
According to PANews news on February 27, the Ouyi OKX market showed that the price of Bitcoin exceeded US$56,000, rising to a maximum of US$56,558, and is currently trading at US$56,302, with an intraday increase of 6.52%.
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