ZKsync announced that it will airdrop 3.675 billion ZK tokens to users next week, and the quantity query page is now online

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Followin news, on June 11, according to The Block, the ZKsync Association will airdrop 3.675 billion ZK tokens to early users (89%) and contributors (11%) of the Ethereum Layer 2 network ZKsync next week. A total of 695,232 wallet addresses will receive the airdrop .

ZKsync said on Tuesday that this part of the airdrop accounts for 17.5% of the total supply of 21 billion ZK tokens, of which 89% will be airdropped to users (ZKsync users who trade on ZKsync and meet the activity threshold) and 11% will be airdropped to contributors. ZKsync said that this will be a one-time airdrop and users will be able to claim their tokens starting next week until January 3, 2025. Contributors will be able to claim from June 24.

An additional 49.1% of the token supply will be distributed through ecosystem initiatives, with 17.2% going to investors and 16.1% to the Matter Labs team.

Currently, users can check the amount of airdrops they have received: https://claim.zknation.io/

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