Balaji: Hyperinflation is coming, Bitcoin is Bullish at$1 million

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Original title: The BitSignal

Original author: Balaji , investor, former CTO of Coinbase

Original source: twitter

Compilation: Kate, Marsbit

Note: This article is from @balajis Twitter, MarsBit organizes it as follows:

How do you sound a fire alarm online?

How do you prove it wasn't a false alarm?

I'm setting up BitSignal.

$1M Bitcoin Reminds Us of Invisible Financial Crisis.

$1,000 per tweet, best 1,000.

Reply your charts, graphs, stats, memes!

Focus on what is happening!

Because central banks, banks and bank regulators have bankrupted us all.

They hid their insolvency from you depositors.

They're going to print $2 trillion to overinflate the dollar.

In the digital age, this can happen very quickly.

So buy bitcoin now and get your bitcoins off exchanges.


Putting BTC on the moon is our way of sounding the fire alarm to the rest of the world that the Fed is hyperinflating the dollar. The moon means meme!

@thenetworkstate will reply to 1000 winners to send payments on my behalf. Submit a tweet here:


bank insolvency

After the 2008 financial crisis, we should learn to distrust bankers.

Back then, they used complex language to hide the simple fact that mortgages were bad. And today, they do it to hide the fact that the money is gone. Not one bank, but all banks.

They knew it months ago. do not trust me? Take the Federal Reserve and the FDIC.









Regulators knew banks were insolvent, but didn't notify depositors

Why was this banking crisis so unexpected? Is it really your job to do due diligence on the finances of your employer's bank? Didn't you pay the regulators to do that?

Unfortunately, the Overseer was captured. As these posts from September 2022[1] and November 2022[2] show, regulators such as the FDIC and the Federal Reserve “know” the assets of SVB — and hundreds of other banks — less than debt.

In other words, the bank doesn't have your money. They deliberately use accounting tricks[3] to hide the fact of insolvency. Regulators allow them to hide a whole bunch of stuff in footnotes[4].

What regulators don't do is notify depositors that all your money is gone. You pay for all the regulation and get no consumer protection.





they lied about printing

"You have to know how to lie when things get serious," said the central banker who manages the euro. [1]

The entire banking system lied to you about its solvency. They're trying to make sure you don't get out of bitcoin until they print the currency.

Four days ago, they "only" printed $25 billion. [2]

Now they hit $2 trillion! [3]

Soon to be infinite/21 million. [4]

Then you have nothing.

Unless you have your coins on your device.





Hyperinflation is common, and fast

The speed of hyperinflation caught people off guard.

Cato made a 56-episode form.

Prices in Hungary doubled in 15 hours in 1945!

In the age of the Internet, how fast will this speed be?

To buy Bitcoin, take your coins off an exchange.

Printing has already started and you may only have a few hours left.


they are trying to block the exit

US institutions just killed Signature and Silvergate for doing cryptocurrency banking. Barney Frank points out that Signature isn't even insolvent yet. They don't even let Signature's acquirer keep the crypto business.

Fortunately, there are enough pro-cryptocurrency banks in the rest of the world that the U.S. establishment can no longer bring down crypto on its own.

But Americans could be stuck.

Remember the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones?

They shut the door first and let everyone in.

This is what all economically bankrupt regimes do.

They built the Berlin Wall, preventing freedom from leaving.

Unless you go out first.


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