NFTFi Trends: Is NFTFi's Growth Momentum Enough?

2023/05/19 02:55
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NFTFi stands for NFT Finance including projects that put NFT into different economic models such as DEX, Lending & Borrowing, Derivatives, Stablecoin, CDP (Collateralized Debt Position), Insurance,... In the past, NFTFi used to be called with many different names such as NFT 2.0, NFT Finance, Interactive NFT,...

NFTFi was born with the aim of bringing DeFi and NFT closer together a few further away, the top blue-chip NFT sets can become BTC, ETH, ... and NFTFi will be DeFi at the present time. .

NFTFi Summer is expected to create a miracle, a foothold, a strong driving force for the entire crypto market like DeFi Summer 2020 did. However, let's take a look at whether that trend has enough conditions for growth and boom, let's find out in the video below.

This is a video that belongs to the list of in-depth analysis videos about project ecosystems, "heavy" and equally attractive narratives, to give you insights at a different level. with DeFi.

From the perspective of Hak Research team, the NFTFi trend can completely lead the market to recover during this period if given the opportunity. With an increasing number of NFTFi projects and a number of real builders developing NFTFi related projects, I'm sure not only investors but also some builders share the same vision. NFTFi so we are also a bit optimistic about the NFTFi trend in the near future.

However, it is difficult to be 100% optimistic with the current situation when recently the CPI (US inflation index) did not decrease as much as expected, so the macro news was still relatively bad and there was some uncertainty. If it has a profound effect on the crypto market, in my opinion, it is still necessary to balance the portfolio.

Whether the NFTFi trend will explode in the near future, I and everyone will wait and see!

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