List of SEI AirDrop Raiders

2023/05/24 19:08
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Sei Labs recently closed another $30 million funding round, with investors including Jump Crypto, Multicoin, and MH Ventures.

Sei Labs

This latest investment brings their total funding to $85 million and boosts their valuation to a staggering $800 million.

Sei Labs

Sei compatible wallets:

❯ Leap Wallet @leap_cosmos

❯Keplr Wallet @keplrwallet

❯ Falcon Wallet @falcon_wallet

❯ Coin98 Super App @coin98_wallet

❯Frontier Wallet @FrontierDotXYZ

❯ XDEFI wallet @xdefi_wallet

❯ Terra @terra_money

❯Wheat Wallet@麦子购件

Sei Labs


1️⃣ / faucet

2️⃣ Sei Discord server


Sei Labs

sparrow exchange

1️⃣ Multiple exchanges $SEI to $RUM

2️⃣ Deposit 0.1+ Qinglang Pool

3️⃣ Pledge LP tokens in the farm pool

4️⃣ Deposit tokens into the staking pool

🟠 @sparrowswapxyz


Sei Labs


1️⃣Recharge USDT

2️⃣Bon Desai

3️⃣ Borrow currency

4️⃣ Pay off debt

5️⃣ Mint & Burn bAsset

6️⃣ Enthusiastic tasks\_yNIjgk4i_rNVQzdBIrSN


Kryptonite Finance

Sei Labs

space port

1️⃣ Replace $Sei with $Astro

2️⃣ Add liquidity to the pool

3️⃣ Create a new liquidity pool


Sei Labs

Fable League

1️⃣ Get some $Fable tokens

2️⃣ Mortgage$Fable Tokens

3️⃣ Join the team

4️⃣ Complete the Pokemon game

🔵 Blue Whale:

🔴 Red Panda:

Green Mamba:


Sei Labs

Coding Manor

1️⃣ Mint an NFT

2️⃣ Purchase property

3️⃣ Rent property

4️⃣ List properties


Sei Labs

Simba Exchange

Simba is an order book DEX built on Sei

1️⃣ Multiple spot transactions


Sei Labs


1️⃣ Stake your $Sei


Sei Labs

change sea

1️⃣ Swap more tokens

2️⃣ Add liquidity to the pool

3️⃣ Put your tokens into the farm

4️⃣ OTC token exchange

5️⃣ Create custom bonding curves


Sei Labs

Vortex Protocol

1️⃣ Peppermint $UST2

2️⃣Leverage Trading


Sei Labs

Seinetwork and Blocked Protocol Launch Atlantic-2, Sei Testnet Discovery Event 🚢

Discover the first products of the ecosystem and embark on a thrilling journey to discover the wonders of Sei.

Start here:


Sei Labs

Leap x Sei campaign

You are missing a legit treasure 🌊💎


Sei Labs

Dagora is the first Hot Drops NFT to launch the Dagora NFT Marketplace on Sei Testnet.

Seilors participating in the Sei Incentive Program can mint this exclusive NFT by exploring the Dagora NFT Marketplace.


enthusiastic task

Dagora On Sei Testnet


Seal The Sei - Dagora x Eclipse Pad


Seal The Sei - Dagora x Sparrowswap


Sei Hub on Sei Testnet


Seal The Sei - Dagora x SenSei Fi


MarginATM on Sei Testnet


Săn Gem on Sei Testnet


Encrypted on Sei Testnet


Kryptonite on Sei Testnet


Sei Thailand on Sei Testnet


Sei Network Türkiye on Sei Testnet


Magpy on the Sei testnet


Seal The Sei - Dagora x Questify


🟠 Sei Testnet Bitcoin Junkie


The Four Pillars of the Sei Testnet


Sei Daily on Sei Testnet


Seians on the Sei Testnet


Sei Vietnam on the Sei Testnet


Seal The Sei - Dagora x DotSei Domain


Seal The Sei - Dagora x Sea Exchange


Sei Labs

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