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Today's market

Bitcoin $26315 - 26239 (-0.29%)
Ethereum $1792 - 1786 (-0.38%)

daily news

- "CCTV" reported on the discussion of cryptocurrency! Changpeng Zhao metaphor is a "bull market catalyst"

- Fed Minutes: Rate cut unlikely, split on further hikes

- Coinbase: Base is still building towards the "genesis window", and the Mainnet launch time is undecided

- Do Kwon bail denied! Montenegro rejects 400,000-euro release from prison

In-depth article

Rook quadrupled by disbanding. How did the "DAO Predator" hunt the DAO treasury?
In the 17-year currency circle, when the project behavior does not match the contract or commitment, what do retail investors mainly rely on to protect their rights?

Zksync mainnet launched two months ago, ecological development report
At present, zksync has been online for 2 months. How is the development of its network ecology?

Long Push: Two Solutions for the Cursed Glyph Cursed
In Proposition 2045, Ordinals founder Casey proposed the concept of "cursed" inscriptions

Gitcoin COO: How to build a "Web3 anti-hair" system
The key is to make the "attack cost" greater than the "defense cost"

Encryption Science

After BRC-20, what is BRC-721?
BRC-20 is similar to ERC-20 on Ethereum, which is used to issue homogeneous Token, while BRC-721 is used to issue non-homogeneous Token (NFT)

How to judge which U on the chain is the official original asset, and how to determine its Cross-chain bridge support
Briefly talk about how to know which U on the chain is the official original asset, if not, how to know what Cross-chain bridge is supported

What is the "cursed inscription"? (with engraved nanny-level tutorial)
When I was browsing Twitter today, I found that many people in the Ordinals circle were talking about Cursed Inscription (cursed inscription), which seems to be trending from niche to popular

Project Insights

Hong Kong Approves Some Cryptocurrency Trading: Which Coins Are Included?
Hong Kong has introduced new cryptocurrency trading regulations, and retail investors can now trade cryptocurrencies of their choice after the new regulations come into effect

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