The return on dayu 23 years has announced the investment income, there are pictures and the truth

2023/05/25 11:27
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I have to say that Brother Dayu’s update frequency is really high. I can only turn to the 2.27th of this year’s historical records of Twitter. Edge, Google, and mobile Twitter all turn here and I can’t go down. The following There are no more tweets, so let's start from 2.27 to see brother dayu's historical record.

At most turn over here

1. bonk 4 times (I know that dayu must be more than 4 times, but if I can’t find the historical record, I will reproduce it on dayu according to my earnings. Brother dayu has a heavy position on bonk)

Brother Dayu mentioned bonk in January, and I also bought some, and I earned 4 times when I bought it, which can be calculated for Dayu on a year-on-year basis. Watching it drop from $600 all the way to $400, I couldn’t bear it and ran away. I didn’t pay much attention to it later, but even so, it has almost 4 times the income

This is my wallet, I really watched dayu's push and participated

2. The multiple of the digital domain name of arb is unknown

In 3.1, dayu called the ARB domain name of

Prompt again on 3.4, id can be stored

On the 16th, Binance IEO said in the telegram group that buying a domain name not only increases the domain name, but also coins AirDrop, ID tokens are also directly launched on Binance

The above is a small appetizer, the real highlight is in the one-day charity donation

1. Charity one day donation The first currency, aidoge dayu, has been clearly written when he said that charity one day donation is to use one day's salary to participate in meme currency, don't be too greedy.

Dayu said it at 4.34pm on the 17th

The price at that time was around 0.0 [10] 500. Looking back at the history, the highest point of aidoge was 0.0 [8] 120. After clearing two 0s, there is a full 24 times the profit space from dayu shouting to the highest point.

Buy on the 17th, double the cost on the 18th, this is also the first one-day charity donation

2. The second one-day charity donation that pepe said on April 18

The price at that time was 0.0【7】7078

The highest point of pepe is 0.0000045, and two 0s are removed. From dayu to the highest point, it is 63.6 times

3. Donate to LEX for a day of charity

Lex was bought at the top and never got up

Dayu also said on the 19th, this is not a meme, and don’t forget the definition of this coin, [Charity Donate in One Day]

4. Donate izi for one day for charity. The time is 4.20

This coin exploded after the financing news came out, and the car that got on it was also a hip-pull.

5. There are too many contracts for the fifth charity one-day donation to WSB wsb. The official website and official tweets have been reset and I can’t find it anywhere

On the second day, dayu said to leave the market, the profit +20%

6. Charity donates 10 times the sixth cheems in one day

When said price is 0.0【7】1785

The highest point is 0.0 [6] 15 to the highest point is almost ten times

Two days later, it doubled by 4 times, suggesting risks, and it’s time to pay for it

Why did I deliberately leave the zk-related tweets that dayu said before, because the rhythm of cheems is really perfect

When the time is 4 times, the cost is released, when it is almost ten times, it is out, and when it is time to leave, it is also a clear reminder that it is almost time, it is time to go

Dayu sent this tweet, I feel like I was scolded, hahaha, people have already said it so clearly, but there are still people scolding, people who don’t use their brains are really scary

After the callback, I feel that Dayu bought it again, or maybe he didn’t buy it. When he prompted the risk to retreat, he himself did not fully withdraw

7. Donate to the seventh lady in one day for charity

The cost of dayu is 0.0[6]1026

Then he cleared his position at 7 o'clock on the 17th, he should have left the market with a small loss, and the price was also around 0.0【6】1, which guaranteed his capital

Finally make a summary

Donate a total of 7 currencies in one day

aidoge tips to double the cost up to 24 times

Pepe did not clearly indicate that the exit from the top has a maximum income of 63.6 times

LEX exits at a loss

izi exits at a loss

wsb profit +20% exit

When the cheems is 4 times, it will prompt the highest ten times the profit

ladies break even

This is the statistics of one-day charity donations, and there are other items. After the statistics are finished, I will talk about my thoughts at the end

The latter few currencies except cheems are not ideal, so dayu seems to have intentionally not changed it, and instead shared rfd and pasle with core members on telegram, and only mentioned it a few times on twitter, maybe it is also Because the mouth smells too much

The popularity of rfd is obvious to all, and the popularity of psale is slightly worse, but I looked at k, and the big fish shouted to the top, and the income was doubled. I also followed psale, and left after earning 20%

first mention of psale on the 21st

Enter on the 21st and double the profit to the top

Now let's talk about ORDI

This is also one of the projects of Dayu Shigekura

The first mention of ordi on 4.26 already hinted clearly

4.30 hinted again

Even if it enters the market at a price of 2.9 on the 30th

open space

Even if 2.9 enters the market on the 30th, it will be tripled by the 10th

The price was also suggested during the period

This is also the first time that dayu has stated the position of ordi. He only bought 150w near 1u, and it is 0.19 0.28 0.4 below 1u. I think he has bought these prices mentioned in his tweets, but the position is definitely not big. , this time the largest position

Let’s follow the average price of 1. After Ordi is listed on the exchange, the highest is 17, and it has stabilized at 13 for several days after listing, so 13 times the income is secure.

final summary

bonk --------4 times

charity day donation

aidoge -------- prompt to double the cost up to 24 times

pepe -------- There is no clear indication that you are out of the game, and the highest income is 63.6 times from the top

LEX -------- exit at a loss

izi -------- exit at a loss

wsb --------Profit+20% Exit

cheems--------4 times when the prompt shows the ten times when the highest ten times the income will be prompted again

ladies -------- break even

RFD --------6 times

psale --------2 times


ordi --------13 times

This is the summary after I turned it over, and then I turned to the recent one, and I saw dayu's own summary.

dayu's own summary

High, gala, these currencies should be before February, Twitter can’t overturn it, so I didn’t write it in, other income is similar

I think this record looks at the entire currency circle, and the top three are more than enough. Fuck, I don’t know how many bloggers shout that the currency is either zeroed out or cut off fans. Pushing a coin and increasing it by 10% can blow it up for a year. Who can guarantee that the coins that are shouted every time can take off?

11 battles, 8 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, the winning rate is 72.7%, but you have to know, the upper limit and the lower limit, if your daily salary is 100 yuan, 2 losses, nothing more than a loss of 200 yuan, and they have not returned Zero, among the 8 wins, except for wsb and ladies, which are small wins and guaranteed capital, you can calculate the rate of return of the other six by yourself, how many 200 yuan you can lose.

Will those who strictly enforce it lose money? Won't

So for those who can still lose money, you are either very greedy or disobedient

Why don't you think about what you have violated before scolding others? When he let you go, did you go? He asked you to buy it with one day's wages. Are you really getting a day's wages? Since I can't abide by the rules, why do I have to scold others? You are obviously the one who made a mistake, and you dare not look directly at your own flaws, so you attack him?

He is not a god, and he also specifically told everyone that how to leave the field and double the cost is generally recognized as the best way

Dayu is one of the few bloggers in the currency circle who has real things. Now there are only a handful of bloggers who really have things. Do you see too few weird bloggers? They can talk about all kinds of birds, and they have popularity and traffic What can't be done? What kind of insects, birds, and beasts are everywhere, do you only think of him when you have to drive out the good money and then the bad money grows in abundance? People are always like this, sometimes they don't cherish it, and regret it when it's gone.

cheap or not

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