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2023/05/26 19:03
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If one grabs the LSD plate in February 23, 10 times the start. In March, the hype in the Hong Kong sector also increased by 10 times. In the MEME quarter, AIDOGE and PEPE increased by more than 100,000 times. As long as the timing of entering is not too bad, 10 times is easy.

In the BRC20 wave that started in April, the cost of MINT in the early stage was extremely low, and the highest GATE was 29U, an increase of 5,000 times.

Some people smile when they make money, some people feel sad when they lose money, some people make a lot of money, and some people lose everything when they make money together.

After the prosperity, the market is still the same market, but you are no longer you.

For this reason, I have a deep reflection. Why do many people still fail to grasp such a bright wealth opportunity?

Chatting with group friends, when it comes to this topic, everyone is not very happy. Some people get on the car, but they don’t hold it. Some people like to make bands, but they only make a small profit. Even the principal was lost.

What is the actual cause?

The market is still the same market, and it is also possible that what you see and hear is affected by too much noise.

Like the popular coin RNDR, many people know that it is good, but they still can’t hold it. It is nearly 9 times from February to now, but how many people have eaten it? I don't think much.

Still going back to the old topic, how to make money in this market, be a diamond hand, get 10 times, 20 times, or even 100 times.

In the final analysis, there are still three major rules, buy early, buy more, and keep it.

Hold on to what you are optimistic about, no matter how the market fluctuates or how turbulent the external environment is, stick to your heart, not be influenced by the outside world, only believe in your own judgment, and pay for your own cognition.

Investing is to use money to test your cognition, so you must think independently, you can refer to it, the band, short-term can only make a small amount of money, and if you want to make a high multiple, there is only one, and you can live.

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