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Phi Labs, the developer of Archway, closed a $21 million seed round in March led by CoinFund and Hashed, with participation from 1confirmation, IDEO CoLab, Figment, Blockchain Capital, Wintermute, Chorus One, stake.fish, Lemniscap, Cosmostation and Hypersphere Ventures. cast.

Ethereum Core Developers Consensus Conference: The full scope of Dencun will be determined in the next few weeks

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko concluded that the latest Ethereum Core Developers Consensus (ACDE) meeting discussed disabling SELFDESTRUCT, EIP-4844 specification changes, opcode management, and potential final Cancun additions. With the formation of Dencun, Devnet-6 is likely to be the last Devnet exclusive to EIP-4844, after which other EIPs will also start to be introduced for testing. The devs will finalize the full range of Dencun (Deneb + Cancun) in the coming weeks.

Sam Altman: OpenAI will continue to operate in Europe, no plans to leave

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman posted on social media: "Europe's dialogue on how to better regulate AI has been fruitful. We are happy to continue to operate here and of course have no plans to leave." Previously, the current British Prime Minister Suna When meeting with Sam Altman to discuss how the UK can provide international leadership in artificial intelligence, Mr Crocker said that "artificial intelligence has the potential to help achieve transformation and economic growth when it is safe and secure."

DCG to close its prime brokerage unit TradeBlock

According to CoinDesk, Digital Currency Group (DCG) is about to close its prime brokerage business unit TradeBlock on May 31. A spokesman for the department said, “Due to the overall economic conditions and the continuation of the cryptocurrency winter, as well as the challenges of the US digital asset regulatory environment, nature, we decided to discontinue the institutional trading platform aspect of our business." The crypto conglomerate lost more than $1 billion last year. TradeBlock was acquired by CoinDesk in 2020 and spun off as an independent business. CoinDesk retained the acquired index data business (which was renamed CoinDesk Index), and the rest of the business was spun off as TradeBlock.

Unbanked will shut down its crypto service on regulatory grounds, users can withdraw funds within 30 days

Blockchain financial technology solutions provider Unbanked will shut down its encryption services on the grounds of excessive regulation in the United States, and users can withdraw funds within 30 days. According to Unbanked, U.S. regulators are “actively trying to prevent companies (banks and fintechs) from backing crypto assets, even though those companies are trying to do it right and by the rules.”

Unbanked advises all customers to withdraw funds immediately, withdrawals will be open for 30 days and customers are advised to start withdrawals as early as possible. Unbanked also said U.S. regulations had limited its ability to raise capital. It recently signed a letter of intent to raise $5 million at a valuation of $20 million. While it did not say which regulations prevented it from obtaining financing, the company said that so far, it has not ultimately received the funding. The company also did not say whether it plans to file for bankruptcy.

CertiK: DeFi protocol WDZD Swap was hacked on May 19, resulting in a loss of $1.1 million

According to a report by blockchain security company CertiK on May 21, the DeFi protocol WDZD Swap on the BSC chain was hacked on May 19, resulting in a loss of $1.1 million. The stolen Binance-Pegged ETH has been bridged to the BNB Smart Chain. The attackers made nine malicious transactions that drained 609 Binance-Pegged ETH from contracts related to the WDZD Swap project, worth $1.1 million at the time of the attack. The attacker, a hacker identified on-chain as "Fake_Phishing750," had previously attacked another protocol called "Swap X." Currently, WDZD Swap's official Telegram channel has been banned and has been set to allow only administrators to post.

Analysis: Fantom is the network with the largest risk exposure to Multichain, and more than 30% of the ecological TVL is locked in it

An Ape's Prologue, the research department of Thanefield Capital, published an analysis on social media that Fantom is the blockchain network with the largest exposure to Multichain risk, and 35% of its total locked value (TVL) is locked in Multichain. 40% of Fantom assets are issued by Multichain (excluding its native Token FTM), these assets are mainly Wrapped types, with a total value of 650 million US dollars. In addition, the market value of Stablecoin issued by Multichain ($458 million) accounted for 81% of the total market value of Fantom ecological Stablecoin($567 million), of which USDC was the highest ($194 million).

Ethereum's latest ACDE conference: developers believe that the reasonable target time for activating the Cancun upgrade is October

Christine Kim, vice president of research at Galaxy Digital, published a post summarizing the discussion at the latest Ethereum Executive Layer Core Developers Conference (ACDE), including the impact analysis results of EIP-4758 and 6780, the progress of EIP-4844, and possible changes in the Cancun upgrade. Included are EIPs 5920, 5656 and 7069. The results of the impact analysis of EIP-4758 and EIP-6780 by blockchain security firm Dedaub are: “We believe that the impact of EIP-4758 and EIP-6780 is manageable and, due to the simplicity of the implementation of the Ethereum client, may be positive. , especially if EIP-6780 is selected.”

Additionally, Ethereum Foundation researcher Alex Stokes stated that a reasonable target date for the Cancun activation is October 2023. Geth (EL) developer Lightclient affirmed this claim, stating that an upgrade based on its current scope is "at least 5-6 months away." Core developer Tim Beiko suggested that developers revisit conversations around the scope of the Cancun upgrade in future calls, and he also suggested that future conversations around expanding the scope of Cancun be limited to the following five EIPs: EIP-5920, 5656, 7069 , 4788 and 2530.

Paradigm expands focus to include AI

Crypto venture capital firm Paradigm has expanded its focus to areas including artificial intelligence, The Block reported. According to its official website, Paradigm will now refer to itself as a “research-driven technology investment firm” rather than one that invests exclusively in “disruptive encryption/Web3 companies and protocols.” People familiar with the strategy said the company has not changed its mission and continues to focus on encryption and Web3 with no real changes, and the updated website copy is intended to emphasize its technology research. Paradigm supports companies exploring new technologies, such as AI Arena, as part of their core strategy.

Twitter KOL, Meme Coin PSYOP Creator ETH Loses About $170,000 to His Followers for Citing Phishing Tweets

"On-chain detective" ZachXBT monitors that ETH(Twitter handle @eth_ben), creator of the memecoin PSYOP, is alleged to have tweeted a phishing scam citing a stolen Steve Aoki account (Twitter handle @steveaoki) Tweet, causing its fans to lose about $170,000.

The floor price of Majo NFT launched by OpenDAO's BRC-20 DAO has risen to 0.059 BTC, and will be AirDrop to Majo Token holders

The Majo NFT launched by OpenDAO's BRC-20 DAO has risen from the casting price of 0.001 BTC to 0.059 BTC, and the current increase has reached 59 times. It is reported that Majo NFT holders can get the BRC-20 DAO Launchpad whitelists and more ecological project AirDrop. The total number of Majo NFTs is 1,000, and the remaining 900 will be AirDrop to Brc-20 Token Majo holders.

Xu Mingxing: Unblocked SAMO sudden market all wrongly blocked accounts, is improving risk control strategy

Xu Mingxing said on social media that due to the unexpected situation of SAMO, about 10 accounts hit the "suspected hacked risk control strategy". This strategy will temporarily freeze the account, and the customer service will immediately contact the customer to verify whether it is operated by him. All currently frozen accounts have been unfrozen. There are indeed flaws in this risk control strategy, which led to the "manslaughter" this time. The team is improving this risk control strategy.

Binance: Has contacted Tether, Circle, etc., hoping to expand support for native Stablecoin versions on Binance

The cryptocurrency trading platform Binance officially stated, "In order to improve user security, we have contacted Tether, the USDT issuer, and Circle, the USDC issuer, hoping to expand support for the native Stablecoin version on Binance, and there will be an update soon."

Reddit partners with Ubisoft to release Rabbids-themed Avatar NFT, users can claim it for free

Reddit has teamed up with Ubisoft to release a free Rabbids-themed Avatar NFT, which is currently available to Reddit users for free.

Binance now supports USDT deposits and withdrawals on the Polkadot network, and will delist AUD/BUSD, AUD/USDT, AUD/ BTC and other spot trading pairs

Polkadot officially issued a document stating that Binance now supports USDT deposits and withdrawals on the Polkadot network. According to the official announcement of Binance, Binance will remove and delist the following spot trading pairs at 14:00 on June 1, Beijing time: ADA/AUD, AUD/BUSD, AUD/USDT, BNB/AUD, BTC/AUD, Doge/AUD , ETH/AUD, GALA /AUD, Matic/AUD, SOL/AUD, XRP/AUD. Users can still trade the aforementioned assets using other trading pairs.

Blockchain game Abyss World reaches cooperation with Google cloud and Portalverse Network to jointly promote the development of Web3 games

Metagame Industries, the developer of the first 3A-level open-world ARPG chain game Abyss World built on the Sui Network, announced a partnership with Google cloud and Portalverse Network, using Google's cutting-edge cloud technology and Portalverse's decentralized rendering capabilities to jointly promote The development of Web3 games. At the same time, the company also officially launched the cloud gaming version of AbyssWorld. The new version will allow players around the world to experience the game anytime and anywhere, no longer limited by game consoles or personal computers, and instantly immerse themselves in the game. This move will expand Abyss World's influence in the global market.

NFT lending market Blend adds support for Clone X

Blur's NFT lending market Blend has added support for the NFT series Clone X launched by Nike's encrypted fashion brand RTFKT.


BNB rose 1.3% in a short period of time, and CZ posted on social media "When is Launchpad?"

CZ, the founder and CEO of Binance, posted on social media: "When will the Launchpad be launched?"BNB rose by 1.3% for a short period of time, and is now quoted at $304.9.

Huang Licheng's address converted 803 ETH to JIMBO V2 this morning

According to monitoring by Twitter user @EmberCN, "Brother Maji" Huang Licheng's address converted 803 ETH(approximately US$1.45 million) into JIMBO V2 this morning. Previously, this address spent 2.244 ETH to purchase 2.89 million JIMBO V1 on May 17. Later, JIMBO released V2 early this morning due to a problem with the contract design. Huang Licheng's address last night sold JIMBO V1 for 235.8 ETH, making a profit of 11.4 ETH.

Multicoin Capital transferred more than 830,000 LDO to Coinbase

According to the monitoring of Ember, an analyst on the chain, 9 hours ago, Multicoin Capital transferred 833,332 LDO(about 1.66 million U.S. dollars) to Coinbase. Multicoin Capital obtained 10 million LDO through investment on December 7, 2020 (the cost of obtaining coins is 0.00846 US dollars). Since October 16, 2022, Multicoin has sold/transferred 9,166,667 LDO to the trading platform, and currently only holds 833,333 LDO.

Data: Yearn attacker transferred 4134 ETH to Tornado Cash

According to Paidun monitoring, Yearn attackers have transferred 4134 ETH to Tornado Cash. BlockBeats previously reported that in mid-April, the Yearn Finance project was attacked by Flash Loan, and the hackers made more than $10 million in profits, all of which were deposited in the hacker's address.

Data: TVL on zkSync Era exceeded $300 million

According to L2BEAT data, the locked value (TVL) on zkSync Era has exceeded 300 million US dollars, a ATH.

Canaan Zhizhi Q1 financial report: total revenue of 55.2 million US dollars, including mining revenue of 11.1 million US dollars

Canaan Zhizhi officially released the Q1 financial report for 2023: the total computing power sold was 4.2 million TH/s, and the Q4 in 2022 was 1.9 million TH/s, which was 4.3 million TH/s in the same period last year; It was US$58.3 million, compared to US$201.8 million in the same period last year; mining revenue was US$11.1 million, an increase of 3.3% from US$10.7 million in Q4 last year, and an increase of 130.2% from US$4.8 million in the same period last year.


U.S. official: Biden and McCarthy are close to reaching a deal that will raise the debt ceiling for two years

According to U.S. officials, Biden and McCarthy are close to reaching an agreement that will raise the debt ceiling for two years, and Biden and Democrats are considering reducing funding for the Internal Revenue Service in the budget agreement. The deal would limit most spending except for the military and veterans. According to sources, the two sides in the US debt ceiling negotiations are still divided on key issues. (Golden Ten)

Norges Bank: A national strategy to regulate the cryptoasset market should be considered

Norges Bank (Norges central bank) said in a report that authorities should consider developing a national strategy to regulate the crypto asset market. Regulations for the crypto asset market are being developed and enacted globally, but it is uncertain how long it will take. Norwegian officials should assess whether to proceed sooner rather than wait for an international regulatory solution. Separately, Norges Bank is stepping up work on a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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