Web3 Daily 0526: Unknown problems in Multichain

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Web3 Daily 0526

  • [Major News] There is an abnormal delay in the arrival of Multichain Cross-chain funds

  • Multichain: Some Cross-chain are unavailable due to force majeure, and the recovery time is unknown

  • Multichain Lianchuang: At present, the team is sound and the main business is normal

  • At present, many people say that they cannot contact the CEO of Multichain

  • Fantom is the network with the largest exposure to Multichain risk

  • Fantom Foundation: The bridge between Multichain and Fantom is running normally

  • Fantom Foundation withdrew MULTI Liquidity, and Multichain will provide Liquidity again after issuing a clarification statement

  • Huobi will launch Huobi HK for Hong Kong users

  • OKX completes the upgrade to provide Hong Kong users with virtual asset spot trading services

  • Biden and McCarthy are rumored to be close to a deal to raise the debt ceiling for two years

  • Fed Minutes: Rate cut unlikely, split on further hikes

  • Axie Infinity launches "Origins Season 4: Epic Era"

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