Crypto-eating men and women, is it hard to find love in the crypto?

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"Eat and drink, men and women, are the great desires of man."

Hungry people think about food, adults think about love. This is a desire that everyone has. The concept of marriage and love is a mirror of society and the industry. Whether it is Taiwan in the last century in the movie or the WEB3 era in 2023 in reality, there is no shortage of people's thoughts on love and marriage issues, conflicts between old and new ideas, and the pursuit of life goals.

What are the relationship status and views on marriage and love between men and women in the crypto? “Are you (still) willing to find your other half in the crypto?”

We once launched such a poll on

With questions and curiosity, we talked to many relevant people inside and outside the industry about their emotional lives. Some people hate scumbag men for being ruthless, some accuse women of being unjust, and some CPs are kind and loving.

Falling in love in the crypto is a bit dangerous

Impetuousness is one of the key words for people in the crypto.

Choosing to enter the crypto means choosing an unstable life, which is completely different from life in the secular sense.

Traveling between various countries and cities, men and women in the crypto rarely have time to fall in love.

I often travel for business day and night to participate in activities, cancel appointment plans at short notice, have cross-border online meetings during meals, video chat with people from different places, socialize on the phone at night, and have insomnia until dawn...

These scenes have become commonplace in the daily life of love in the crypto. From time to time, some "dark dishes" will be added.

" Halfway through the intimacy, the partner becomes sluggish due to the violent market fluctuations, and the fun ends " has become an industry joke.

Although practitioners in the crypto travel everywhere, most people work from home and spend 24 hours a day in the crypto. In fact, they do not have many opportunities to interact with people outside the circle.

Xiao 7, who has just joined the cryptocurrency industry, happened to meet her ex-boyfriend who also works in the crypto through a dating app.

At that time, she firmly believed that she had met the "Mr. Right". "We don't have the opportunity or the inclination to understand a person deeply, and we are very defensive."

Xiao 7 said that the persona established by the man quickly collapsed. After the novelty wore off, the "true form" of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) was gradually revealed. They were extremely narcissistic and only loved themselves .

Accustomed to the multi-threaded working mode, some men and women in the crypto also enjoy polygamous relationships in their emotional relationships. Many people have specific dates in different countries and cities and will not develop long-term intimate relationships with any of them.

Xiao 7 also said that there are too many girls in the crypto who have a "perfect combination of intelligence and beauty", and there are also many who want to take shortcuts . If there are too many temptations around your boyfriend, you will easily feel insecure.

An intimate relationship that lacks companionship and is full of variables makes people who have fallen in love turn to shore to save themselves.

Even Neptune, who is well-known in the industry, said that he would stick to his principles and not look for girls in the industry, as "it would be too easy for him to die in society."

Xiao N, who has experienced love in the industry, has learned a profound lesson.

“The industry is too small, and it’s difficult to look up or down. Once you break up, it’s extremely awkward to meet again, and it’s easy to become the gossip of other people in the industry. All the details and privacy in love will be complained about by your former partner to the people around you. Become known to everyone."

In addition to the emotional value of two people, taking into account family responsibilities, men and women in the crypto are also "excluded" from the selection range.

In a Twitter survey, most people said they were unwilling to find a partner in the crypto due to family reasons. To sum up, they are:

"A family cannot have two gambling dogs."

Practitioner Andrew told TechFlow Tech Flow that he would never look for women in the crypto. “If you cannot settle down and have too much ambition and desire, you will not be able to be a gentle mother. A family without a gentle mother will most likely have three generations. Unlucky."

Some people think that it is too scary for a wife in the crypto to understand wallets and copy secret words .

Many outsiders still look at the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry with "colored glasses". They do not want their future wives, husbands, daughters-in-law, and sons-in-law to "speculate" in "scams" all day long.

Men and women in the crypto, no one cares about the other.

YOYO got together with colleagues in the crypto and talked about love issues. Everyone discovered an interesting phenomenon: men and women in the crypto seemed to dislike each other.

"Don't fall in love with boys in the crypto. They are all here to make quick money. They only see money and no love."

YOYO has seen too many people in the industry whose values ​​are distorted after receiving industry dividends. When looking for a partner, she never looks at men in the crypto.

They smell like copper, are too realistic, and use money to objectify everything, even love and women.

"If you win, you will be a young model in the club, if you lose, you will work in the sea" and "One coin, one young model" have long become the slogans of the bull market in the crypto .

Some commercial KTVs in first- and second-tier cities have also left legends about many miner bosses and crypto bosses spending large sums of money.

Many people in the crypto started from the grassroots. Certain opportunities and luck bring quick wealth, which also brings about the psychology of self-compensation.

“What I didn’t have before, I now enjoy it twice as much.”

Especially practitioners on the exchange/project side not only have to bear the pressure of market fluctuations, but also bear complex unknown risks.

The work is "intense and exciting", and tomorrow is uncertain, which makes them regard "living in the present and living a chic life" as their life creed. From time to time, the crypto also spreads the various affairs of industry leaders overseas.

You Only Live Once, you can only live once.

"To be happy in life, you must have all the fun. If you have wine now, you will get drunk now." It is certainly comfortable to let oneself go, but for the other half, it may be a disaster.

A female practitioner said that when looking for a boy in the crypto as a boyfriend, you must lower your psychological expectations. "He can love you very much and treat you well, but he will inevitably also like to play."

Boys in the crypto also have the same worries.

“I can’t hold it anymore,” Nil said. Many girls in the crypto often dance, play cards, and participate in various business bureaus. They can easily contact the big guys in the crypto circle. There are many LSPs (lechers) in the crypto, which makes him feel insecure.

In addition, some boys in the crypto said that pursuing girls in the crypto is too cost-effective .

Perhaps they have seen too many cases around them similar to "In 1991, the financial circle hired a woman and the male protagonist spent 5000W and other financial investors." Some men in the crypto carefully reviewed and summarized, and began to formulate "ROI" with a relatively higher "ROI". Love Investment Plan”.

" Girls in the crypto have all seen money, and it is difficult to please them with money . Spending the same money in traditional industries can reduce the dimension and defeat others. It is easy to use 'money power' to find a better-looking and simpler partner."

Crypto CP, double harvest in career and love?

Do the above discussions, as well as the bloody PDF essays in the crypto and financial circles circulated from time to time in WeChat groups, make you doubt "love"? But maybe this is also a kind of "survivor bias."

Only the injured shout loudly, while the happy people remain silent, hiding in bed and enjoying themselves secretly.

Practitioner King said that there are many "underground couples"in the crypto, which are not publicly disclosed and deliberately keep a low profile. They also have work contacts, but no one around them knows that they are actually lovers.

This situation not only occurs in the Chinese world, there are also a large number of underground lovers hidden in the overseas encryption industry.

A crypto VC that has invested in well-known projects such as Farcaster has an undisclosed relationship between its founder and a female partner.

In this regard, Sienna, who once worked for a well-known encryption VC in Silicon Valley, expressed her understanding. Her boyfriend is the founder of a well-known project in the industry. In her opinion, when you are in a relationship in the industry, when one of you has a higher status, it will be easier for others to label you. Tag "xxx boyfriend/girlfriend" and make related associations.

Lisa, a girl who found her partner and got married in the crypto industry, said that her current policy is to keep a low profile and did not even post wedding photos in her circle of friends.

"People in the crypto love gossip too much. It's hard to find your partner, so you have to keep a low profile."

In addition to numerous silly essays, crypto CP can also create many attractive and sustainable sparks.

For example, they have more common topics, have a deeper understanding of each other's own value, they take turns speculating in coins, and support each other in hoarding coins along the way...

As a business manager who has been in the crypto for many years, Niki was called by her boss to run a meeting on the first day she joined the industry. The business KPI was to fill 300 people, which was undoubtedly a huge challenge for her who was afraid of society.

Fortunately, she met her current boyfriend in the crypto at that time and successfully completed the task with his encouragement.

Over the years, the two of them have promoted each other professionally. Niki also told TechFlow TechFlow that she found that talking about boyfriends outside the circle actually has more problems than boyfriends in the circle.

It is difficult for the other party to understand the way he works because he often quarrels at work.

" Blockchain either you lie to me or I lie to you ", these are the original words of Niki's ex-boyfriend outside the circle.

Due to policy reasons, he felt that the domestic industry was too risky, so he kept persuading Niki to leave the crypto.

Niki's reply: " I can love you, but not enough to give up my career. "

Therefore, Niki believes that if both parties in love are in the circle, they can at least understand each other and learn and grow together.

According to Feimo, a senior practitioner, not looking for a partner in the crypto is a false proposition. "Even if you have a boyfriend and girlfriend outside the currency circle, she will enter the crypto and become a crypto person."

Feimo once dated a boyfriend in the crypto. Although he had no choice but to break up in the end, he still longed to find love in the crypto.

"Forever young, always with tears in my eyes", Feimo believes that lovers in the crypto can better establish revolutionary friendship.

"Together we have blown up positions, made money together, stayed up late to fight together, are always curious about new things, become digital nomads together, and traveled to all corners of the world. The so-called youth means an openness and exuberant energy, which is the basic foundation of the encryption industry."

When it comes to the industry’s criticism of girls in the crypto, Feimo is very vocal. In her opinion, girls in the crypto are very high-quality love and marriage partners.

"Girls in the crypto have great learning abilities. Today they are masturbating in DeFi, and tomorrow they are studying small picture IP narratives. You don't have to worry about them being cheated, and you don't have to worry about her getting old and suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She is the most beautiful fighter when it comes to square dancing."

“The lady in the crypto may not know how to cook, but she knows how to treat an aunt without losing money. She also knows where in the world Nomad beauty and investment real estate are. She will choose the right time to freeze eggs and give birth to children in a bear market when there is no money to be made in the industry. , I will speculate in U.S. stocks and foreign exchange from a long-term perspective...".

In the crypto, there are still many loving couples who have achieved perfect results and have both entered the marriage hall.

Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman are the founders of Tezos. Their acquaintance originated from a strange invitation.

At that time, Kathleen was still a sophomore and first met at a classical liberal luncheon in New York focusing on anarcho-capitalism. Arthur was a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs at the time.

The two went through a period of discussing liberal political opinions and learning about cryptocurrency as both teachers and friends. They founded Tezos and fell in love. They were also nicknamed a "money-grabbing couple" by foreign media because of the huge financing of Tezos.

Paris Rouzati, the wife of Aave founder Stani Kulechov, was previously a partner at IDEO and later joined Aave as ecosystem director.

Paris Rouzati was named "Paris", so Stani specially proposed to her in Paris. In the early days of Aave's development, everything was not going well. Her wife gave Stani firm support. He previously said in an interview:

"I've been sleeping about four hours a night since May, it's so busy. I'm lucky to have the most supportive wife in the world and she helps me in so many ways and I'm so grateful for that."

On July 4, 2023, their child Bear Atlas Kulechov was born in London, and immediately enjoyed the domain name address of Lens, the decentralized social platform created by Stani, and became a "Baby on chain" from the first day of his birth. This is also It is a romance unique to the encryption industry.

In the Chinese crypto world, there are crypto couples from exchanges to project parties, VCs, and media. Many of them support each other in their careers and have achieved excellent results.

Some people say that the so-called heartbeat is the moment when all the rules and regulations are shattered.

Regardless of whether the market is bullish or bullish, I wish everyone can encounter their own heart-warming moments and lovers will eventually get married.

Disclaimer: The content above is only the author's opinion which does not represent any position of Followin, and is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, investment advice from Followin.
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