TRON’s total pledged volume (TVL) exceeded 15.6 billion US dollars, reaching a record high

2023/09/19 20:44
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The latest data from TRONSCAN shows that the total pledged volume (TVL) of TRON has reached 15,605,813,042 US dollars, exceeding 15.6 billion US dollars and setting a record high. It is reported that the total pledge amount is the total value of assets locked in various protocols on the TRON network. Currently, TRON has become TVL’s second largest blockchain network in the world.

TRON is committed to building the infrastructure of a decentralized Internet and actively promoting the decentralization of the Internet. At present, the total number of TRON users has exceeded 184 million, and the number of transactions has exceeded 6.3 billion. It is an important global payment network and has become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by the community.

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