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Gitcoin Grants is the largest and longest-running web3 grants program. Each round is “meticulously curated and optimized to align with Gitcoin’s mission and values, emphasizing transparency, decentralization, and community engagement”. As BanklessDAO is helping the world to go bankless through the adoption of decentralized financial technologies, we think this is a very good fit! BanklessDAO is currently taking part in Gitcoin Grants 19, along with a number of projects from within the DAO, and we would appreciate your support as it plays a vital role to the advancement of our mission.

This week’s editorial has more detail about each bDAO project in GG19, and if you’re not familiar with bridging funds to the Public Goods Network, scroll to the bottom for a meme with your instructions!

Season 10 funding proposals for guilds and departments are available on the Forum, and are open for comment and an indication of your support via a poll. Reading the proposals is a great way to learn more about the different teams that contribute to BanklessDAO, but it’s also pretty inspiring to see the breadth of activity and experience that we have in our community.

In this week’s Community Call roundtable discussion, raybankless raised the need for clearer parameters for L2 nomination polls. Above Average Joe and Icedcool were able to provide some historical context around the purpose and process associated with these votes, and acknowledged that it can be difficult to know whether people truly support the nomination given the open nature of the vote.

If you have ideas about how to reform the Level 2 process, or any other points you’d like to add to the discussion, you’re welcome to contribute! Let’s create the world we want to see as we go bankless.

Contributors: Melasin, Warrior, theconfusedcoin, anointingthompson1.eth, Paulito, Vi-Fi, trewkat, HiroKennelly

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🏃‍♀️ Catch up: Review this week's Community Call notes or view the recording.

🗳 Temp Check: Adopting Delegated Voting

This proposal serves as a preliminary assessment to determine whether BanklessDAO should embrace a delegated voting model. This model, an extension of consent-based decision-making, aims to facilitate wider involvement in the governance of the DAO. Hop on the Forum to catch up on the discussion.

🔟 Guild and Department Proposals for Season 10

Be sure to check out the proposals for Season 10 on the Forum. Each will have a poll and the Grants Committee appreciates your input and indication of support on these to guide their decision-making process.

Funding What Matters With Gitcoin

Author: Hiro Kennelly

Cover art by trewkat, incorporating Gitcoin artwork

Gitcoin was founded on the belief that some of the value created by open-source software development should flow back to the developers. After joining and later spinning out of ConsenSys — the crypto company behind popular hot wallet MetaMask and blockchain infrastructure provider Infura — Gitcoin helped to pioneer quadratic funding models for public goods projects, most notably through its Gitcoin Grants rounds, which have distributed over $50 million to nearly 4,000 web3 projects.

With a catchy tagline of Fund What Matters, the quarterly Gitcoin Grants round kicked off this week, and with it a handful of other, smaller rounds. There are a number of BanklessDAO-related projects (and the DAO itself!) eligible for funding on PGN during Gitcoin Grants 19. To make sure your donation is eligible for matching, check out this X thread on boosting your Gitcoin Passport score. The UI/UX has changed slightly since Round 18, but the gist remains the same. So get that score over 20 and check out the bDAO projects below, the descriptions for which have been taken from the applications (with light edits, when necessary), and get giving frens!

If you need instructions on how to bridge to PGN, scroll to the bottom of today’s Rollup.


BanklessDAO, a beacon of financial self sovereignty, seeks support from the crypto community to further its mission of educating, onboarding, and empowering individuals to explore decentralized technologies. By funding educational initiatives and nurturing a culture of decentralized governance, BanklessDAO paves the way for global adoption of web3 technologies and principles.


Banklessadria’s vision is to educate crypto enthusiasts in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and its mission is to onboard as many crypto users as possible.

Nación Bankless

Nación Bankless is an offshoot of BanklessDAO, oriented to the creation of educational media in Spanish to allow people to use blockchain finance and understand the values within crypto, decentralization, sovereignty, commons, and ownership.

Bankless Publishing

Bankless Publishing, incubated within BanklessDAO, is dedicated to providing user-friendly and accessible educational resources to people interested in learning more about web3. Through our content, we aim to bridge the gap between complex concepts and mainstream understanding, empowering a wider audience to embrace the bankless future.

Bankless Japan

Bankless Japan is a media node of the Bankless movement, aiming to onboard one billion people into crypto through media, culture and education. Bankless Japan started as a BanklessDAO translation node, but are now producing original content and developing partnerships.

Bankless Academy

Through free, multilingual, web3 education, Bankless Academy is building a web3 education public good: featuring lessons/quests, community participation, collectible content and open-source infrastructure.


BanklessUA is dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency within the Ukrainian-speaking community by providing educational resources, workshops, and content in Ukrainian, thereby contributing to a more informed and participative community within the blockchain and decentralized finance space.

Bankless Malayalam

Bankless Malayalam is a component of the Bankless International Media Node (IMN), united in a common mission to educate and connect individuals with the global cryptocurrency community. Our primary focus is the Malayalam language, a Dravidian language predominantly spoken in the Indian state of Kerala. The total potential audience count is around 35 million by 2023.

Bankless Africa

Accelerating capacity building, economic empowerment, and financial freedom in Africa through decentralized media. Bankless Africa educates and onboards everyday Africans to crypto/web3 by promoting and propagating truly decentralized media, culture, and education to drive the adoption of trustless, decentralized infrastructures and money systems across Africa.

We believe crypto offers a better future for Africa, and Bankless Africa is here to help steer Africa into that future!

Bankless Turkish

Bankless Türkçe has inherited the mission from Bankless to onboard the next one billion people to web3 through experience and media. Our primary focus is on fostering a robust talent pool and network within the Turkish community that not only educates about DAOs but also aids in finding work within them. We aim to bridge cultural divides and enhance crypto adoption in Turkey by producing content, organizing local events, and collaborating with the Regen ecosystem.

International Media Nodes

The International Media Nodes (IMN) link is an innovative, comprehensive Public Goods Project that aims to bridge the gap between diverse cultures and the crypto space. Through its extensive content creation and incubator programs, we have been a driving force in empowering individuals worldwide to embrace crypto and #gobankless. 🌐🌱

Crypto Sapiens

Crypto Sapiens is a web3 media platform which features the voices of web3 founders and community builders. Our mission is to help the world evolve from crypto curious to crypto native. We do so by navigating the cryptoverse and creating valuable, accessible content across our network including podcasts, newsletters, and live events. We have grown our audience to over 100,000 listeners and readers worldwide.

⚔️ Moloch Traps: Arms Races

In this week’s episode, we discuss how the arms race is one of the most insidious Moloch Traps!

At the heart of an arms race lies a paradoxical aspiration: the quest for security through military build up. Nations, fuelled by fear and mistrust, embark on a perilous journey of competitive weapon development and expansion in the belief that possessing more arms equates to increased safety.

While they may begin as a response to genuine security concerns, they quickly assume a life of their own, characterized by three essential dynamics: escalation, resource drain, and strategic vulnerability.

💳 Bankless Card is Launching

Bankless Card is all set to launch in December! In case you don’t already know, Bankless Card is a rewards card that allows you to earn BANK tokens for every dollar spent. Register now to be the first to get your card. The launch will first be in the U.S. followed by other countries. However, you can register irrespective of region. This will help the team understand which region has the highest demand and plan further releases accordingly!

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🎓 Uniswap and BANK Knowledge Session

Uniswap is an open-source protocol for providing liquidity and trading ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. Join the Education Department on Tuesday, November 21 at 14:00 UTC in the watercooler voice channel to learn more about the utility of the BANK token and Uniswap.

🏦 How To BANK (Tokenomics)

BANK is the governance token of BanklessDAO. To learn about the origin of the BANK token and its tokenomics, join the Education Department on Wednesday, November 22 at 14:00 UTC in the watercooler voice channel.

📖 How To BANK (Governance)

Join the Education Department on Thursday, November 23 at 14:00 UTC in the watercooler voice channel to learn about the BanklessDAO Constitution, and in particular, how the DAO is structured.

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