NEAR launches NEAR DA, entering the field of modular blockchain

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NEAR launches NEAR DA, entering the field of modular blockchain

On November 8, the NEAR Foundation announced the launch of the NEAR Data Availability (NEAR DA) layer. As part of the NEAR Open Web stack, NEAR DA is a breakthrough innovation that provides powerful, cost-effective data availability for ETH rollups and Ethereum developers.

NEAR DA will launch with some of its first users, including StarkNet's Madara, Caldera , Fluent, Vistara , Dymension RollApps and Movement Labs .

Let’s take a brief look at NEAR DA and explore why it is such an exciting and important development for NEAR, Ethereum, and the larger effort to build a truly open network.

NEAR DA – Paving the way for modular blockchain development

With NEAR DA, ETH rollups and Ethereum developers can gain cost-effective, reliable data availability. As of September 2023, 100 kB calldata on NEAR costs $0.0033, while on Ethereum L1, the same calldata will cost users $26.22. In comparison, NEAR is 8,000 times cheaper!

NEAR DA will help developers reduce costs and improve rollup reliability while maintaining the security of Ethereum. High-quality projects launching application chains or L2 will also be able to receive support from NEAR DA.

Illia Polosukhin , co-founder of the NEAR protocol and new CEO of the NEAR Foundation, said: "Providing a data availability layer for Ethereum rollup highlights the versatility of NEAR technology, while also helping the founders from Web3 to deliver excellent products, allowing us to Closer to mass adoption of the Open Web."

Polosukhin added: "NEAR's L1 has achieved 100% uptime for over three years, so it provides real reliability for projects looking for a secure DA while also offering a great price/performance ratio. NEAR offers developers Great solution, no matter which technology stack they are building on top of, and now NEAR is getting into the Ethereum modular blockchain space as well.”

Expanding NEAR’s open networking stack

NEAR Protocol is expanding its modular blockchain development framework by opening up its blockchain to provide data availability. This will allow Web3 developers and founders to continue building on Ethereum while leveraging NEAR's state-of-the-art technology for parts of the stack based on their needs.

NEAR DA extends the capabilities of NEAR's Open Web stack. Open Web is an entry point where developers and users can easily build, browse, and discover Web3 products and platforms. It includes the ability to create accounts in seconds using FastAuth without encryption or seed phrases, as well as the ability to create a decentralized front-end from a library of thousands of components.

For developers and founders building on Ethereum rollup who are interested in using NEAR DA, you can visit to get started.

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