What are Cradles (CRDS)? Overview of Cradles Game

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What are Cradles? Cradles is a Vai online role-playing game (MMORPG) with an exceptionally high level of refinement, giving players an experience similar to a Web2 game. So what's special about Cradles? Let's find out with Hak Research in this article.

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Cradles Overview

What are Cradles?

Cradles is a massively Vai online role-playing game (MMORPG) that gives players authentic experiences of the prehistoric world. Cradles uses a unique new economic model called Play to Unlock to promote a fair and healthy competitive gaming environment, eliminating the abuse of bots to play games.

Cradles là gì

What are Cradles?

With the Play to Unlock model, players must complete various tasks in the game to unlock CRDS Token Lockup (players who deposit CRDS into Cradles will be locked for 3 years). In addition, the system in Cradles includes modules for managing inventory, guilds, monsters, and character skills. Therefore, Cradles is very flexible to modify and upgrade to provide the best user experience.

Cradles gameplay

In the game, players will enter the vast continent of Cradles with many prehistoric creatures and monsters. There will be two modes for users to play on Cradles including:

  • PvP mode: Players will fight other players in designated dueling arenas or in specific areas in the game. One point to note is that in PvP mode, all players can receive equipment from those they defeat so players need to be aware of their level and equipment before participating in each battle. . In addition, when a player has destroyed a certain number of players, their name will turn red - indicating they are in wanted status. At this point, all other players can see the wanted person's name appear on their screen and killing the wanted person will receive more rewards.
  • PvE mode: This is the mode where players search for creatures and defeat them to receive more experience points and level up, thereby unlocking powerful skills. In addition, when defeating monsters, players also receive rewards such as materials and equipment. They can use them to equip their characters.

In the game there will also be an item called Crystals, players can collect them in the mining area. However, players also need to equip a pickaxe and acquire mining skills to collect them. Once users have collected enough Crystals, they can exchange them for CRDS Token .

Core Team

DRepublic - a Metaverse company and the developer behind the upcoming Blockchain game 3A Cradles. DRepublic's vision is to give users the opportunity to experience a world that leverages blockchain's capabilities to create a vibrant economy entirely dependent on mass player interaction.


  • In October 2021: Cradles announced a successful call for 1.5M USD from Spartan Capital, Animoca Brands, ....
  • In February 2022: Cradles announced a successful call for 5M USD led by Animoca Brands. There is also the participation of Cooperative Ventures, Foresight Ventures,..


Basic information about Cradles Token

  • Token Name: Cradles
  • Ticker: CRDS
  • Blockchain: update…
  • Contract: update…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000 CRDS.

Token Allocation

CRDS Token Allocation

Token Release


Token Use Case

The CRDS Token will be a Token that revolves around the economy in the game Cradles.

Cradles Project Information Channel


Cradles offers an interesting mechanism called Play To Unlock that requires players to stick with the project for a long time to receive worthy rewards. Above is all the information that I want to introduce in this article, hope everyone has received useful knowledge.

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