A quick read on the gameplay and reward mechanism of the pet raising game Fren Pet. Can you take over the baton friend.tech?

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2023/11/20 17:24
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It has increased 8 times in two days. Quickly read the gameplay, reward mechanism and token model of Fren Pet, a full-chain pet raising game officially recommended by Base.

Written by: Karen, Foresight News

After the popularity of friend.tech faded, the full-chain pet-raising game "Fren Pet" on Coinbase L2 Base quickly became popular due to the attention of Base Official Twitter and Coinbase Wallet Official Twitter, social fission, and high playability. Top NFT collector & whale, NFTBoxes founder Pranksy also joined Fren Pet, ranking second in the rankings.

How was Fren Pet built?

Inspired by friend.tech, Fren Pet is a full-chain pet raising game jointly developed by Adam (@surfcoderepeat) and Cadu (@cadu_veloso).

Adam previously launched the construction challenge from 0 to 1000 ETH in April. The hard rules for his construction include:

  • No direct token sale;
  • Revenue must come from service sales or transaction fees;
  • Tokens may be issued in liquidity pools, but 0% are owned by themselves;
  • No customer support.

Afterwards, Adam built the LOTUS lending protocol and the small non-profit project ENS Hood based on ENS. In late August, he was inspired by friend.tech and began to conceive of the NFT game. Then in early September, he launched Fren Pet with Cadu. In the middle of this month Start Fren Pet V2.

Fren Pet V2 uses the upgradeable diamond mode EIP2535, which allows continuous iteration of functions, but at the same time also increases the degree of centralization. Currently FrenPet v2 is invitation-only, and each new user will receive 3 invitation codes.

Fren Pet Gameplay: Pet casting + feeding + attacking + dice rolling

Fren Pet is not a Free-to-Earn game. It costs 100 FP to cast a pet, but the 100 FP will be returned the next time someone else casts a pet.

The pet will appear as a pet egg when it is first cast, and the parameters of its legs, head, and ears will appear over time.

After casting a pet, it does not mean that it will last forever. On the contrary, a pet will only have a lifespan of two or three days if it is not fed. To feed a pet, you need to pay FP tokens to buy apples, coffee and other food and drinks.

It is worth mentioning that after feeding a pet, the TOD (countdown to death) will not accumulate. If a pet is given new food, its death countdown will be reset to the specific TOD attribute of the new thing.

Points will be obtained after feeding pets. The higher the points, the higher the ranking on the leaderboard, and the more ETH rewards (2% of the 5% tax charged from buying and selling FP) will be obtained. Specific reward rules will be explained in detail later. There are also points and a "TOD" (time of death) timer on the pet page. If the countdown reaches zero, the pet will die and the corresponding NFT will be burned and cannot be revived (unless insurance is purchased) or used again.

Points can also be obtained by attacking (Bonk) other pets. Every 15 minutes, you can compete against pets that are higher than your own pet level and have not been attacked within 1 hour. If you attack, you have a 40% chance of winning, and a higher level opponent has a 60% chance of winning. The winner then gets 0.5% of the loser's points.

Spin the Lucky Wheel and dice games are also games and adventures that Fren Pet uses to add fun and stay active. Each pet can spin the Lucky Wheel once per day, with prizes such as extra points, addition of time to death countdown, shield or insurance. A dice game requires 6 players, and you can win up to 500 FP per game, but you also need to pay a fee of 100 FP to join the dice game.

In addition, Fren Pet has also launched a store transaction function, supporting the use of FP to purchase benefits or accessories such as insurance (there will be a 5-day TOD if the pet dies during the insurance period), shields (valid for 24 hours after purchase).

Fren Pet reward mechanism: the more points, the more ETH rewards

When users buy or sell FP tokens on BaseSwap, they need to pay a 5% tax. This means that if it is a complete buy low and sell high trade, you will need to pay 10% tax. Once the smart contract accumulates 1,000 FP token taxes, it will be automatically converted into ETH and distributed as follows:

  • 2% is given as a bonus to gamers;
  • 2% goes to Fren Pet developers;
  • 1% is added back as liquidity supply to support the FP economy.

Rewards are allocated to gamers based on the ratio of their score in the game to the total score of all pets in the game. If a reward is claimed, the score will be reset to zero and the pet level will start from zero.

Additionally, 90% of all FP tokens used in the game will be burned and 10% will be sent to referrers. That is, if someone else joins the game using your invitation code, you get 10% of all FP they spend within the app.

FP token economic model

Fren Pet has not yet disclosed a relatively clear token economic model, but based on existing information and contract code, Foresight News found that the FP token contract was created on August 31, 2023, with a total supply of 10 million*1e18. According to ChatGPT analysis, the maximum quantity of FP per transaction is 5,000, which is equivalent to 0.05% of the total supply. Afterwards, the contract owner can call the update maximum transaction quantity function. The contract also sets fees for buying and selling, which are used for revenue sharing fees, liquidity fees and team fees.

According to Fren Pet official documentation, in terms of initial FP allocation, 100% of FP tokens are allocated through the BaseSwap pool. Each player’s initial purchase limit is 0.80 cents (calculated by the author to be 0.8 US dollars, currently still in doubt), and the total market value is For $1,600, any player can get up to 5,000 FP tokens to mint pets and play the game (or have this set up). As mentioned before, users also need to pay a 5% tax when buying or selling FP tokens on BaseSwap.

Additionally, the team did not receive any tokens upfront, and all tokens it owned were acquired later.

According to CoinGecko data, the current maximum supply of FP is 10 million, and the current maximum total supply on BaseScan is 80.3 million, with holders having 7,220 addresses. This means that nearly 20% of the tokens have been destroyed.


Although the gameplay of Fren Pet is simple, it is attracting the participation of new players and the continued investment of existing players through the reward mechanism.

For example, Fren Pet generates social fission through an invitation system. The recommender can obtain 10% of all FP spent by the invitee in the app, thereby achieving new acquisition and promotion with zero customer acquisition cost.

To participate in the game, pets must be minted, and the tokens spent to mint pets will be returned when the next player mints pets. This mechanism will not only continuously stimulate the purchase of tokens, but also give people a sense of Free-to-Play. a feeling of. However, after minting, you still need to spend tokens to continuously feed the pets (otherwise the pets will be "starved to death"", thus increasing user stickiness. At the same time, the attack and dice games add to the playability and interest of the game, and can also be purchased Earn 2% of transaction tax by accumulating points.

In addition, Fren Pet also followed friend.tech in choosing to use progressive web applications (PWA) on the lower-cost Layer 2. It can be used by adding the website to the home screen in the mobile web browser. Not only has the development difficulty for the project team been greatly reduced, but user access has also been greatly simplified. Coupled with the out-of-the-box embedded wallet integration, players can get a wallet when they log in. In terms of login, Fren Pet also supports TikTok login and email login, and will also do some marketing on TikTok in the future. However, the current Fren Pet page is still very stuck.

Regarding the real vision of Fren Pet, Adam said that its internal team is still thinking about the vision of Fren Pet. One idea is to integrate the task protocol and gamify it so that users in the application can earn money from external sources while learning about cryptocurrencies. and protocols can pay users to play games.

The virtual emotions built through games are fragile and false, but the rewards are real. Any product has its own life cycle. As more and more tokens are destroyed, it is worth considering how Fren Pet’s token model and gameplay will be further designed to improve and preserve user retention and activity. focus on.

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