Maple Finance's (MPL) TVL grew 4 times since Q2 2023

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Maple Finance (MPL) affirms its leading advantage in the RWA segment with TVL increasing 4 times since the second quarter of 2023.

Maple Finance's (MPL) TVL grew 4 times since Q2 2023

The trend of Tokenize and Lending of Real World Assets (RWA) is still constantly growing in 2023. Being a prominent project in this segment, along with the launch of many groundbreaking products this year, has pushed the Total Maple Finance's Total Value Locked is constantly growing.

According to data from defillama , the project's TVL is around 62 million USD, on track to break the 100 million USD milestone.

The launch of three new products has helped Maple (MPL) attract a lot of attention from the community and investors:

- Cash Management: provides returns guaranteed by US Treasury Bills, bringing safe and stable returns to investors.

- Maple Direct: provides lending solutions in BTC and ETH.

- Lending Real World Assets: harness profits from private credit, an increasingly popular tool among high net worth individual (HNWI) clients.

Maple Finance CEO Sid Powell commented on the company's growth as follows:

"Expanding into the Asian market and launching an on-chain private credit product played a key Vai in our growth.

The need to profit from RWA is increasing and Maple pools are ready to meet this need. Our goal is to continue to innovate and bring safe, trustworthy lending opportunities to our customers."

Maple Finance is a pioneering project in incorporating and improving traditional financial concepts into the DeFi sector. With a focus on security, product diversification, and expansion into new markets, Maple can maintain an impressive growth trajectory in the coming years.

The project is calling for votes to list on the Bybit exchange, you can support MPL here .

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