Losing money? Win hemp? Community sentiment divided after Blur Season 2 airdrop claims

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Written by: Nan Zhi, Odaily Odaily

At 8 o'clock today, Blur announced that it will open applications for the Season 2 airdrop and start the 6-month Season 3 airdrop. NFT traders and creators on Blur are eligible to start receiving the Season 2 airdrop and have 45 days to receive it. Claim BLUR. With Season 2 ending, Season 3 has started today and will last for 6 months, offering new rewards to NFT traders and BLUR holders.

50% of Season 3 rewards will be allocated to NFT traders, who can earn Blur Points by bidding, listing, and lending NFTs. The remaining 50% of the rewards will be distributed to BLUR holders, and Holder Points can be obtained by holding BLUR.

According to Lookonchain monitoring, among Blur Season 2 airdrop applications, the top ten wallet addresses received a total of 85.69 million BLUR (approximately $27.25 million), accounting for 307.6 million BLUR (approximately $97.5 million) of the total airdrop. 28%. in:

  • hanwe.eth received 22.85 million BLUR (approximately US$7.26 million);
  • jaypegpowell.eth received 19.92 million BLUR (approximately $6.3 million);
  • Huang Licheng (machibigbrother.eth) received 6 million BLUR (approximately US$1.9 million).

Community feedback: Some people lose money and some people win money.

Huang Licheng (@machibigbrother) is a well-known user of the Blur platform. He often conducts NFT transactions with prices exceeding 100 ETH on Blur. However, after the airdrop was announced, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the airdrop on the X platform.

According to analysis by community user @The 0x Juan, Huang Licheng lost about US$14 million by brushing Blur, and the value of the airdrop tokens in Season 2 was about US$2 million.

This is not the first time that Huang Licheng has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Blur platform. On March 29 this year, Blur had the same reaction when it announced that it would increase points for brushing orders. (Although it did not affect its subsequent use.)

Similarly, there is also negative feedback on the benefits of this airdrop in the Chinese area.

But not all leading users reported losses. @CirrusNFT reported that they received a six-digit airdrop without any brushing losses.

The release of new platforms may change the rules of the game

On October 10, Blur announced the second quarter airdrop on November 20. The opening price on that day was 0.164 USDT. Then the price of Blur currency rose all the way, hitting a stage high of 0.471 USDT on November 11, with a relative increase of 187 %.

After the airdrop news was released at 8 o'clock today, Blur began to fluctuate widely, with the maximum amplitude exceeding 10% in one hour.

At the same time as announcing the airdrop, Blur founder Pacman announced that he would launch a new project Blast, aiming to solve the problem of Blur's high gas fees on Ethereum and the problem of Bid's capital precipitation. As of 11 o'clock, Blur's closing price was 0.311 USDT, which was still nearly 90% higher than when the airdrop was announced.

As the leading project on the NFT track, Blur's platform development and revenue are expected to further increase through Blast's new paradigm iteration. Blast plans to launch the mainnet and develop withdrawals on February 24 next year, which is in the middle of Blur's third quarter. It may bring about major changes in costs and processes, and the original local wealth effect of Blur's airdrop will also change accordingly. , users still need to make their own research and judgment.

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