Related tokens named by the US SEC in enforcement actions have risen an average of 41% so far this year.

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According to Mars Finance news, although multiple cryptocurrencies have been named by the U.S. SEC more than once in law enforcement actions, market data shows that the prices of related currencies have not been negatively affected. Analysts believe that this may be because traders value technical capabilities more than regulatory compliance; or they understand that the SEC is not the only regulatory agency in the world.

According to on-chain data, many of the named coins have even outperformed Bitcoin as part of the broader market rally. As of press time, these tokens have risen by an average of 41% so far this year. Among them, SOL has risen by about 463%, ADA has risen by 57.7%, and NEAR has risen by 55.3%. However, not all named tokens have performed like this. For example, ATOM has fallen so far this year. 3.86%.

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