Security Team: Fake imToken and BitpieWallet wallet applications appear in the Apple App Store in China, please be aware of the risks

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According to Mars Finance news, the blockchain data analysis company Bitrace issued a document on the X platform to remind users to be wary of the risks of wallet APPs downloaded through unofficial channels. The Bitrace and SlowMist teams discovered that fake imToken and fake BitpieWallet wallet applications appeared in the Apple App Store in China, and victims have already suffered financial losses.

It is suspected that the currency stealing gang took advantage of the lax review of Apple's App Store to attract traffic to fake wallet download links by purchasing keyword rankings. Investors must be aware of this type of risk.

Slow Mist Yuxian said: "The app created by the scammer seems to have nothing to do with the target wallet, but the effect picture is very 'shocking': 'Due to policy influence, users in China have been restricted from accessing and using third-party financial applications...' Some users download these scam apps, and when they open them, the Safari browser will pop up directly to open the final fake wallet... The users follow the thoughtful guide to download and use it, and then the seed phrase is stolen by the scammers."

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