Maple launches temperature check proposal "Aave Treasury cooperates with Maple to diversify RWA holdings"

2023/11/21 15:03
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According to Mars Finance news, Maple Direct launched a temperature check proposal on "RWA allocation between Aave Treasury and Maple Finance" in the Aave Community Governance Forum. The proposal proposes that Aave cooperate with Maple Finance to allocate Aave treasury funds to RWA strategies on the platform to diversify RWA holdings. The Aave treasury allocates stablecoins to Maple’s cash management pool with an initial investment of 1 million USDC, with the goal of increasing the allocation over time. If the Aave community is satisfied with the Maple platform, the treasury will explore investment opportunities in other Maple RWA pools.

The proposal will be subject to off-chain Snapshot voting within 7-14 days. If the vote is passed, on-chain AIP voting will be carried out immediately.

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