ZK-RaaS platform Lumoz reaches strategic cooperation with OLA

2023/11/21 15:04
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According to Mars Finance news, ZK-RaaS platform Lumoz announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with privacy rollup solution provider OLA. OLA is integrated into Lumoz’s ZK-Rollup LaunchBase, allowing developers to generate ZK-Rollups that support privacy attributes without code.

According to previous news, ZK-RaaS platform Lumoz (formerly Opside) announced at the RaaS Day co-hosted with Polygon that it will launch StableNet in December. StableNet is zkEVM with Ethereum as L1. Its innovations include:

1. Use USDC stable currency as the native token, and transaction gas fees are priced by USDC;

2. The first mainnet zkEVM project based on Polygon CDK and Celestia;

3. Supports atomic cross-Rollup communication, which means that addresses on StableNet can directly call contracts on Ethereum;

4. Introducing the decentralized prover network, ZKP computing power is more stable and reliable;

5. Optimized Gas economic model, all Gas fee income generated on StableNet will be fed back to the community, including DApp developers, LP providers and ordinary users.

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