Wuhan police cracked a virtual currency money laundering case involving up to 1 billion yuan

2023/11/21 15:06
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According to Mars Finance news, the Wuchang District Branch of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau collaborated through three centers including the "Sentiment Guide" Integrated Center, the Law Enforcement Case Management Center, and the Combined Operations Center. Seven arrest teams were sent to Deyang, Sichuan, Changchun, Jilin, and Guangdong. Dongguan and other provinces and cities simultaneously shut down the Internet and successfully eliminated a gang that used virtual currency to launder money. 27 arrested people were criminally detained in accordance with the law. The amount of account funds controlled by the gang reached 1 billion yuan.

After investigation, since April this year, the criminal suspect Xiang Mou contacted his "upline" through the "Airplane" software to accept the task, and organized gang members to use the stolen money to purchase digital virtual currency on the Internet, and then transferred the virtual currency to the upline account. , thus helping electronic fraud gangs launder money and obtain commissions from it. According to preliminary statistics, the funds involved in this money laundering gang are as high as 1 billion yuan. Currently, the case is under further processing.

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