CoinShares: The net inflow of digital asset investment products last week was US$176 million, which has been a net inflow for 8 consecutive weeks.

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Crypto asset management company CoinShares said in a report released on Monday (20th) that digital asset investment products have experienced net inflows for eight consecutive weeks. The net inflow last week was approximately US$176 million, which brought the year-to-date inflow to 13.2 One hundred million U.S. dollars. However, current annual inflows are still well below the levels in 2021 and 2020, when net inflows were US$10.7 billion and US$6.6 billion respectively.

Source: CoinShares

The average weekly trading volume of digital asset ETPs reached $3 billion, twice the average this year. CoinShares also noted that digital asset ETP trading volume is rising as a share of total cryptocurrency trading volume, averaging 11%, compared with the long-term historical average of 3.4%, well above the average during the 2020/21 bull market .

In terms of investment in ETPs in various regions, Canada, Germany and Switzerland continued to show net inflows of US$97.7 million, US$63.3 million and US$35.4 million respectively, while futures products in the United States saw a net outflow of US$19.2 million.

Source: CoinShares

In terms of various currency investment products, Bitcoin continues to dominate, with a net inflow of approximately US$155 million last week, and inflows in the past eight weeks accounted for 3.4% of assets under management. Net outflows from short Bitcoin investment products were $8.5 million. CoinShares reiterated in a report that this continued positive sentiment is related to the impending approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF in the United States.

Source: CoinShares

Multiple Altcoin investment products saw net inflows last week, the most notable of which were Solana, Ethereum and Avalanche, with net inflows of US$13.6 million, US$3.3 million and US$1.8 million respectively. Uniswap and Polygon saw outflows of US$550,000 and US$860,000 respectively.

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