What is Cog Finance? Overview of Cog Finance Cryptocurrency

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What is Cog Finance? Cog Finance is a project that brings new improvements in the Lending model. The project has the potential to become the center of the currency market on the Scroll ecosystem.

So what is Cog Finance? Let's find out in this article!

Overview of Cog Finance

Cog Finance is a Lending protocol using Liquidation Pool, built and developed on Layer 2 zkEVM Scroll . With the vision and purpose of being born to become the leading Lending market in the Scroll ecosystem.

Cog Finance uses the Isolated Pool model to create an automated lending marketplace. This marketplace allows for the creation of separate lending pairs to reduce the risk of attacks. On Cog Finance, assets such as WETH, USDC, CRV, AAVE, wstETH, rETH are supported.

Each Pool gives a unique pair of assets, meaning you can mortgage 1 Token and borrow the remaining Token . And each Pool can use a separate Oracle, isolating security risks. This also separates bad debt risks between Pools on Cog Finance.

Cog Finance introduces the main feature of Cog Pools that they can be coordinated with each other to provide arbitrary lending pairs. The risk associated with a given group route can be filtered and estimated. Routing will also automatically adjust the total APR and liquidation risk analysis associated with each asset level.

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For example: With these pools, if you want to borrow AVAX with ETH as collateral, the Cog router will do: borrow USDC with your ETH , then borrow Dai with your USDC , and finally borrow AVAX with your Dai . As an end user, you only need to worry about one Compound Interest Rate which is the combined interest rate of all these sub-loans. Additionally, Vault will help prevent liquidation Shard and help lenders balance assets across pools where they feel comfortable combining their assets, giving them full customization to get the best profit.

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Cog Finance is a Lending project that uses the Isolated Pool model and combines them or allows them to be linked together to separate risks without Shard liquidation.

So, I have clarified what Cog Finance is? Cog Finance cryptocurrency overview.

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