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After the attraction of gradually decreased, a game project called Fren Pet continued to appear on Base, bringing great attraction to the community. So what makes Fren Pet so attractive? Let's find out with Hak Research in this article.

Before jumping into the article, everyone can refer to some of the following articles to understand better.

Fren Pet Overview

Fren Pet is an onchain game on Base developed by Adam and Cadu that allows users to choose and raise their digital pets. Regarding the development team, Adam is one of the most active people. Previously, he also posted a challenge on the X platform (Twitter) in April 2023 about building from 0 to 1000 ETH with tough rules in building including:
  • No direct token sales
  • Revenue must come from service sales or transaction fees
  • Token can be issued in liquidity pools but no % will be owned by Adam and only serve one purpose: add liquid
  • No customer support

Adam then built the Lending Lotus protocol and the non-profit project ENS Hood based on ENS. In early September 2023, inspired by the booming on Base, Adam and Cadu launched Fren Pet.

In mid-November 2023, Fren Pet continued to launch version V2 using Contract made according to EIP2535 diamond standards. However, only those with invitations can participate in the Fren Pet V2 version at the present time.

Gameplay Of Fren Pet

To start playing the game, the player must Mint a pet at a cost of 100 FP (FP is the main Token of the Fren pet). However, there is a special point: if the next person Mint the pet, the player will be returned 100 FP.

The pet will appear as a pet egg when first Mint , and its leg, head, and ear parameters will appear over time.

Quá trình phát triển của thú cưng trong Fren Pet

Pet development process in Fren Pet

Each pet only has a lifespan of two to three days without food. Therefore, users need to buy apples, coffee and other foods and drinks with FP Token to keep their pets alive and growing. Every time you finish feeding your pet, the TOD (countdown to death) will be updated with the latest time. If TOD = 0, the pet has died, the corresponding Non-Fungible Token will immediately be burned from the system and can no longer be revived.

Bonus points will be added every time the user feeds the pet. Additionally, bonus points can also be earned by attacking other pets. Every 15 minutes, the user can compete with pets that are higher than their own pet level and have not been attacked within 1 hour. In which, the user has a 40% chance of winning and the higher level opponent has a 60% chance of winning. The winner then receives 0.5% of the loser's score.
Bảng xếp hạng người chơi trong Fren pet

Player rankings in Fren pet

Spinning the lucky wheel and dice are also interesting features in Fren Pet to keep players active and add more fun. Each pet can spin the lucky wheel once per day with prizes such as bonus points, extra TOD time, shields or insurance. The dice game requires 6 players and each player needs to spend 100 FP to participate in the game for a chance to win up to 500 FP.

In addition, Fren pet also applies the launch of Fren pet Shop which allows users to use useful items such as shields to help users escape attacks from others and will be valid for 24 hours or insurance allows. Automatically revives the pet in case it dies. All items in Shop Fren pet are traded using FP Token and the price of each item will increase or decrease based on the linear Bonding Curve (Similar to the way users buy and Token Sale in AMMs).

Reward Mechanism: The More Reward Points, The More ETH

Earning bonus points as I mentioned above comes from 2 ways: Feeding pets and fighting with other pets. So where does the reward that Fren pet pays players come from? Here is the answer:

When users buy or Token Sale on BaseSwap, users need to pay 5% tax. When Smart Contract accumulates 1000 FP Token from tax, they will automatically be converted into ETH and distributed as follows:

  • 2% goes to game players as a reward.
  • 2% goes to Fren Pet developers
  • 1% is added back as liquidity to support the FP economy

Rewards will be distributed in the game based on the ratio of their reward points to the total reward points of all players in the game. If the reward is received, the bonus points and pet level will be reset to 0.

Additionally, 90% of the total FP Token used in the game will be burned and 10% will be sent to the referrer. That is, if someone else joins the game using your invite code, you will receive 10% of the total FP they spend in the game.

What is the Cause of Fren Pet Fomo?

It is worth noting that Fren Pet appeared two months ago but did not receive community attention at that time. On November 9, 2023, Fren Pet launched v2 with the implementation of an invitation system and pet Mint costs that are refunded when the next player joins Fren Pet. This is also a special update that brought ponzi into the game but was not noticed by the community at that time.

It wasn't until it was promoted by Coinbase and Base's official Twitter on November 18, 2023 that it immediately attracted widespread attention from the community and helped FP Token grow more than 100 times impressively. after only 3 days.

Impressive growth of FP Token

After that, Fren Pet received great attention from the community, many players searched for invitation codes on Twitter and flocked to Fren Pet. At that time, Fren Pet's development team had to declare that the game was experiencing some API overload issues. Fren Pet Non-Fungible Token traded on OpenSea also reached a floor price of 0.01 ETH, much higher than the original Mint Non-Fungible Token cost (almost zero) and reached a total volume exceeding 18 ETH.


Although the gameplay of Fren Pet is quite simple, it attracts the attention of new players and the continuous investment of existing players through the reward mechanism. Above is all the information that I want to introduce in this article, hope everyone has received useful knowledge.

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