What is INTMAX? Overview of INTMAX Cryptocurrency

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What is INTMAX? INTMAX is a Layer 2 platform built and developed based on the extremely outstanding zkRollup technology. So what is so special about INTMAX that attracts such famous investment funds? Everyone, let's find out in the article below.

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INTMAX Overview

What is INTMAX?

INTMAX is a Layer 2 platform using zkRollup technology on Ethereum. INTMAX is the first Layer 2 platform built to focus on financial and Web services. INTMAX's ambition is to replace the stock market and M&A with DEX (decentralized exchange).

INTMAX hopes to bring extremely cheap fees and absolute privacy (as an optional feature) to users compared to the current zkRollup or Optimmistic Rollup platforms, and to do this, INTMAX has must use Stateless architecture.

Differences of INTMAX compared to zkRollups

Normally, transactions on zkRollup platforms will be collected into a batch (Batch) and then sent to Ethereum along with a proof of transaction, ZK Proof, thereby increasing transaction fees, especially storage fees. To solve this problem, INTMAX besides using Stateless architecture and introducing an Online Communication Protocol (online communication protocol).

The combination of Stateless architecture and Online Communication Protocol makes transaction fees on INTMAX cheaper and faster than conventional zkRollup platforms, thereby improving efficiency for financial-related activities, Furthermore, it increases scalability without sacrificing network security.

So what is Stateless architecture? Stateless architecture helps Validators not need to maintain a full database, instead Clients will verify each transaction with an infinite ZK Proof.

From there, INTMAX brings a number of benefits as follows:

  • Low cost, customizable user privacy, and no trade-off between scalability and network security.
  • Stateless architecture allows INTMAX to easily interact with other Layer 2 safely and securely.
  • The network is capable of preventing Data Availability attacks.
  • Allows users to send large amounts of ERC 20 and Non-Fungible Token for small fees.

Development Roadmap

INTMAX's development roadmap is Chia into 5 stages:

  • Q1/2022: INTMA/s demo/PoC development.
  • Q4/2022: Deploy Testnet version V1.
  • Q2/2023: Deploy Testnet V2 version.
  • Q3/2023: Deploy Biometrics Wallet.
  • Q1/2024: Official Mainnet.


  • April 13, 2023: INTMAX successfully called for $5M from many large investment funds such as Haskey Capital, Bitscale Capital, Stacker Ventures,... in addition to some Angel Investors such as Justin Drake — Ethereum Foundation, Scott Moore — Founder of Gitcoin, Balaji Srinivasan — Former CTO of Coinbase and Anthony Sassano.

Core Team






Project Information Channel


INTMAX is a quite remarkable zkRollup platform with changes in its technical structure to create breakthrough changes in scalability.

Hopefully through this article everyone can understand more about what INTMAX is?

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