Why Musk thinks Frencoin will be the next Dogecoin

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Obviously most people don’t understand MEME’s narrative:

What is natural narrative

What is idealism

what is persistence

What is irreplaceability

The more missing, the worse the durability.

So don't look at how much this one has gone up. In the end, when you get in, it may be that the market has reached the top.

The next SHIB, the next Dogecoin, will all rely on speculation. I’m afraid it won’t work without some unique spiritual connotation.

1. What is Frencoin?

Frencoin is the native currency of the public chain, not a smart contract currency; (coin = native currency of the public chain; token = subsidiary currency of the public chain). Coin can be used as public chain transaction fees, but token cannot.

Fren is the abbreviation of friend, which means friendship, love and sharing. This is also the meme currency that Musk has always advocated should have the spirit of sharing among friends. Because the pronunciation of fren is close to rich, the Chinese community also jokingly calls it rich currency, which means endless wealth. The Fren coin is represented by the frog pattern that has become more popular in recent years. The Apu frog is a frog that is different from Pepe. It represents a weak individual and a humorous attitude towards life. Faced with the pressure of life, it has a spirit of self-deprecation and a humble tenacity. The life represents you and me in life.

Frencoin was released on the BITCOINTALK forum on May 7, 2023. Yes, it is the forum where satoshi released Bitcoin. It has been more than 8 months and has been developing steadily. Frencoin is free and open source. All Frencoin (FRENS) are issued fairly and mined openly and transparently using Proof of Work (POW), which uses the KAWPOW algorithm with no reserved private, public, founder or developer allocations.

Currently, there are only two exchanges listed, Xeggex and coinex. Due to the very early stage, the market value is only 2 million US dollars. In the short term, the reasonable valuation is 400 million US dollars (0.01U), with a space of 200 times; the bull market can reach 4 billion US dollars. 2000 times the space. Why are you optimistic about fren’s 200-2000 times upside potential? Please continue reading

2. What are the characteristics of Frencoin:

1. Extremely fair: Every Fren is mined using GPU electricity. Each Fren comes with a cost. It is mined openly and transparently using Proof-of-Work (POW: Proof-of-Work), and no private or private coins are retained. Public, founder or developer allocations. There are no RUG, ASIC solutions and pre-mining actions.

It is necessary to introduce ASIC to everyone here. What is an ASIC chip? In recent years, with the popularity of the virtual currency market represented by Bitcoin , a large number of "mining machine" manufacturers have been produced that produce "mining" virtual currency equipment, the most famous of which is Bitmain. The reason why Bitmain has suddenly emerged in the mining machine market is mainly due to its independently designed ASIC chips for Bitcoin mining machines. Because compared to CPU and GPU , it is more efficient to use dedicated ASIC chips to "mine". Take Bitmain's Antminer S9 mining machine as an example. It integrates 189 ASIC chips (BM1387) and uses TSMC's 16nm FinFET process. Similarly, the current mainstream mining machine manufacturers all use customized ASIC chips. This also makes ASIC chips become known to the public.

From the above introduction, we can know that mining using ASIC chips is mainly for mining farms. As a MEME currency for the public, Fren refuses to sell to ASIC manufacturers, refuses to concentrate chips, and mines fairly, such as current Bitcoin and Dogecoin. ETH, in fact, a large number of mining coins are produced in several major mines, and retail investors have little opportunity to mine them. But do you still remember when Bitcoin was most popular and known to the public? It was the year of 2011-3 when everyone was mining coins. Every computer had the opportunity to mine Bitcoin. It was extremely fair and the public's enthusiasm was completely ignited. Therefore, Fren will completely ignite the passion for mining again in the future.

2. Extremely pure: no routines, concise and powerful;

**Unlike the idiots on the Ethereum chain, POW does not withdraw from the pool, run away, or destroy the market. Each coin is mined using electricity, and each one carries a price. **Besides, the current market price is far lower than the cost of mining (I tried it, renting a 3GH mining machine, the cost is about 80U, it can mine 4 million fren per day, the price comparison is 0.000006, the market price is only 25U, it is mining One-third of the cost), some people here may ask, why is the price so low? Why are there still people mining? Why not buy it? In fact, it is easy to understand if we think about it differently. We retail investors use money to invest, while mining machine owners use equipment to invest. They are optimistic about a coin not based on what the price is today, but on how high the price will be in the next few months. How much, so mining fren is a promising investment for the future for mining machine owners. Moreover, the current sales volume is very small, and the community is determined and unwilling to sell chips. If you want to buy 1 billion spot chips, you must at least double the price. It is better to use a mining machine to mine which is more stable and durable.

3. The right place at the right time: card position Pow + meme leader, huge space

Regarding this part of the content, I hope to share with you what a stuck position is, why Frencoin is stuck in the leading position of POW+meme, and why even if a new Fren is launched now, it will not explode. . This is the power of time.


4. Technology leadership: 20 times faster than the Bit blockchain, an advanced configuration blockchain and platform built on a fork of the Bit and GPU-reinforced Raven code, unlike other POW cryptocurrencies, refuses to ASIC manufacturing dealer for sale. Enables more instantly scalable transactions without the need for centralized layer 2 solutions; faster 30 second block times, increased transactions per second, increased number of coins issued, and halving of distribution plans to prioritize security, user controls, and privacy and censorship resistance;

Frencoin is developed and tested based on the UTXO model of the Bitcoin and Ravencoin protocols, built on forks of the Bitcoin and Ravencoin code. Major changes include the 30-second block reward time, changes to the number of tokens issued, Dogecoin distribution and halving schedule, future additions to token creation, and future messaging features. Frencoin is free and open source. All Frencoins (FRENS) are issued fairly and mined openly and transparently using Proof of Work (POW), which uses the KAWPOW algorithm, which was created for Ravencoin from ProgPow, which was created for Ethereum. No private, public, founder or developer allocations are reserved. Frencoin is designed to prioritize security, user control, privacy and censorship.

5. Strong dissemination: Adopt the most user-friendly and user-friendly KawPow algorithm to always maintain GPU mineability. Any computer can mine anytime and anywhere. When the currency price is low, the spread is not obvious. Once the currency price rises to a certain level (I expect this price to be 0.0001), the spread will increase exponentially. Everyone will use their computers to mine crazily at home, at school, or at work. Fomo emotions are high, recreating the Bitcoin mining boom in 2013.

6. The impact of inflation is small: tail emissions are 10 billion per year (only 2.5%);

Unlike Bitcoin, similar to Crowcoin, Fren adopts a mining method that does not limit the total amount but controls inflation through periodic halving. At present, more than 600,000 blocks have been mined; it has entered the stage of tail emission. Only 10 billion are mined every year, accounting for about 2.5% of the total number, and it is declining year by year. Compared to the 21 million Bitcoin limit, I prefer the unlimited mining method, which can attract more people to participate in mining and enjoy the fun of mining, especially since the algorithm is so friendly that every home computer can participate. Just imagine , in the future, housewives, students, office workers, the elderly, disabled people, everyone can participate in the construction of virtual currency. Isn’t this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote virtual currency?

3. What is the difference between Frencoin and Dogecoin?

Same point:
  • Blockchain technology: Dogecoin and fren are both built on blockchain technology and are cryptocurrencies that use distributed ledgers.
  • Decentralization: Both support decentralization without the need for a central authority to control it.
  • Open Source: The code for both Dogecoin and Fren is open source and can be viewed and audited by anyone.
  • Dogecoin’s iconic dog head image and active community on social media have made it a popular token for social and charitable activities.
  • The fren coin is represented by the frog pattern that has become more popular in recent years. The Apu frog is a frog representative different from Pepe. It represents a weak individual and a humorous attitude towards life. Faced with the pressure of life, it has a spirit of self-deprecation and a humble tenacity. The life represents you and me in life.
  • difference:
  • algorithm:
    • Dogecoin: Uses the Scrypt algorithm, which is a common Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm.
    • Fren Coin: Uses the X16R algorithm, which is a PoW algorithm that supports ASIC-resistant.
  • Total supply:
    • Dogecoin: The total supply of Dogecoin is approximately 1 trillion.
    • fren coins: There is no hard cap on the total supply of fren coins, it gradually increases according to the mining reward mechanism.
  • Community and visibility:
    • Dogecoin: Dogecoin has a large community on social media, and its unique brand and social activity make it a well-known coin in the cryptocurrency space.
    • Fren Coin: Fren Coin is relatively new and may not be as well-known as Dogecoin.

4. Why Musk supports Frencoin

Musk posted a tweet about sharing memes with friends on May 13, 2023 (after the birth of fren, which was born on May 7), also using an image of an apu frog (the one in blue) , and it also shows that memes are used for sharing among friends and should have social attributes, not just investment. This is actually the same as Lao Ma’s idea of ​​vigorously promoting Dogecoin at the time. Dogecoin was originally a social and Cryptocurrency for entertainment purposes. In fact, after reading this, you must already know the answer to why Fren is the next Dogecoin.

6. How to buy Frencoin

Remember, Frencoin is a public chain currency, not a smart contract currency. Anyone purchased in the form of a contract is fake! (Due to the current popularity of fren, there are many fren coins on Twitter that were later launched with the same name, and also use frog avatars, so be careful not to be fooled)

Frencoin is currently only listed on 2 exchanges, xeggex and coinex. The following is the purchase link:

Trade FREN/USDT | FREN on CoinEx Exchange Trade FREN/USDT easily and securely on CoinEx. Make informed decisions before trading with FREN market analysis, price charts and technical indicators. www.coinex.com

KYC of Danshao can also be completed using your ID card. The withdrawal limit without KYC is 5,000u, and the withdrawal limit with KYC is 1 million u;

Coinex does not support Chinese KYC, and the withdrawal limit without KYC is 10,000 u;

7. Other information

Chinese community TG: https://t.me/frencoin1

Website: https://frencoin.org/

Public Block Explorer: https://explorer.frencoin.org/

Public Block Explorer API: https://explorer.frencoin.org/info

Backup Block Explorer: https://exp.frencoin.org/info

Exchange Block Explorer: https://fren.cryptoscope.io/

Exchange Block Explorer API 1: https://fren.cryptoscope.io/api/

Coin Supply API: https://explorer.frencoin.org/ext/getmoneysupply

Exchange: https://www.coinex.com/en/exchange/fren-usdt

Exchange: https://xeggex.com/market/FREN_USDT

Exchange: https://nonkyc.io/market/FREN_USDT

Wallet Download: https://github.com/Apushii/frencoin/releases

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5451885.0

Discord: https://discord.gg/CA8ZVtFBEa

Github: https://github.com/Apushii/Frencoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/frencoinfren

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FrencoinFrens/

Telegram: https://t.me/frencoinfrens

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frencoin/

Whitepaper: https://github.com/Apushii/frencoin/blob/master/whitepaper/README.md

Token Image: https://frencoin.org/img/frencoin.png

Token Image 200px: https://frencoin.org/img/frencoin-200.png

Tokenomics: https://github.com/Apushii/frencoin/blob/master/doc/Tokenomics and Distribution.md

Pool Tracker: https://miningpoolstats.stream/frencoin

Coin Tracker: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/fren-frencoin/

Coin Tracker: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/frencoin-2

Mining Calculator: https://whattomine.com/coins/380-fren-kawpow

Mining Calculator: https://hashrate.no/coins/FREN

Development Status: Launched with On-going development

Organization: Decentralized

Team: Pseudo Anonymous name, Apushii

Distribution: No Premine, No ICO, All coins fairly mined

Type: Coin with native blockchain (fork of bitcoin/ravencoin)

Genesis Date: 2023-05-06 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Consensus: POW (KawPow)

Ports: Peer 4207, RPC 4206

The above compilation and summary come from community member Lebron. Thanks to other community members for providing information.

Disclaimer: The content above is only the author's opinion which does not represent any position of Followin, and is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, investment advice from Followin.
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