The rune project Genesis Runes has all completed Mint, and the project side has earned approximately 16 BTC.

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BlockBeats news, on February 12, according to relevant pages, all 18,000 tokens of the Genesis Runes project have completed Mint, and the median transaction fee on the Bitcoin network may soar to 155 Sat/byte due to the Mint event. It is reported that the total number of Genesis Runes in the rune project is 18,000 pieces, 90% of which are for public sale (16,200 pieces). The Mint event will be launched at 23:00 tonight. It has previously been stated that it will be the "first Freemint Runes". After receiving the social After a heated discussion in the group, the relevant content was deleted, and the price of a single coin was changed to 0.000993 BTC (approximately US$48). The completion of all Mint public sale shares will bring the project party 16.0866 BTC in revenue, which is approximately 796,900 based on the current Bitcoin price. Dollar.

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