DEGEN and AERO hit record highs one after another. Is the Base season really coming this time?

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Recently, Base has been the most popular project in the Ethereum ecosystem, with its TVL exceeding $2.5 billion, a record high. In addition, the leaders of the social culture and DeFi sectors in the ecosystem are very eye-catching.

The meme coin DEGEN on the Farcaster protocol is currently priced at $0.018, with a 7-day increase of 376%.

DEGEN originated from Farcaster's degen channel, which had a market boom in February this year. Degen has also become Farcaster's most active channel, even higher than the sum of all other theme channels.

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DEGEN has grown from a simple community meme coin to what it is today, relying not only on the popularity of the community.

On February 21, Degen announced the completion of an angel round of financing of 490.5 ETH (worth about $1.47 million at the time), led by 1confirmation and participated by Farcaster OG and others. The funds will be used to develop the Degen ecosystem and community. Subsequently, the DEGEN token was connected to the social video application Drakula of the Base ecosystem and became a transaction token within the application.

It can be said that DEGEN has used Farcaster as its base to fight an alliance war in the entire Base ecosystem. Currently, DEGEN is increasingly becoming a hype target for the entire Base ecosystem.

In addition to the meme coin DEGEN, the Base ecosystem also has a "serious" DeFi project token AERO. As of the time of writing, its price is $1.4, a 7-day increase of 93%.

Aerodrome is a liquidity protocol forked from Velodrome, a DEX of the OP ecosystem. In early February, Coinbase launched Aerodrome (AERO). On February 27, Aerodrome announced that it had received investment from the Base Ecosystem Fund led by Coinbase Ventures. The specific amount was not disclosed, and the investment method was to purchase Aerodrome's native token AERO token.

You should know that before AERO was listed on Coinbase, the price was only about $0.08. AERO has been on a very smooth journey.

DEX, Aerodrome will also bring more DeFi experiments to the Base ecosystem, driving the entire Base ecosystem up.

Is Base season really coming this time?

Recently, there have been more and more discussions about Base on social media. In addition to the price effects of leading tokens, the market is also looking forward to whether Base can usher in a craze like Solana.

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Last year, the craziness of Friend Tech is still fresh in our memory. Currently, FT points have gone from being unpopular to being traded at a price of over $4 in the OTC market. This shows that the popularity of Base has successfully boosted the market sentiment of new and old projects in the ecosystem.

Jesse Pollak, the person in charge of the Base protocol, is also very active on Twitter and Warpcst, releasing progress on all aspects of the Base ecosystem to users. In addition, the Base meme season is not as one-off as the previous BALD. This time, Base seems to be really different.

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