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Project Introduction

StarryNift's co-creation metaverse platform with artificial intelligence as its core driving force focuses on providing immersive 3D virtual experiences, covering gaming, creation and social fields. Its goal is to inspire user creativity through AI robots and tools and democratize value through a token economy. StarryNift's Citizenship DID protocol combines Web2 and Web3 data to create detailed user profiles, enhance data integrity, and help conduct in-depth market analysis to optimize decision-making.

StarryNift announced its investment from OKX Ventures in December 2023, and has previously received investments from SIG, BinanceLabs, BNB Chain, DFG, Leland Ventures, GBV, etc. Wu Jihan, founder of BitDeer, and Richel, founder of Synfutures, are also individual investors.

What's special

With the rapid development of the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse, their combination has become a hot topic in the market. The rapid progress of AI technology has opened up broader development prospects for the Metaverse. At the same time, as an extension of the virtual world, the Metaverse also brings more potential to the application of AI technology.

Immersive Metaverse Creates Multiple Fun

The StarryNift team is a mature team with rich experience and has been focusing on the field of 3D Metaverse for many years. They not only create an immersive customized ToB space to hold events, but also provide various AIGC products to create personalized 3D spaces for ToC individuals. They also combine multiple functions such as SocialFi and GameFi to create a comprehensive metaverse experience.

AI customization tools stimulate creator economy

StarryNift launched StarryAI, the chatbot sector. This function allows users to customize their own AI chat robot (whether it is a tool robot, a companion robot, or a personal digital avatar) and integrate it into the 3D space to promote social interaction. In the future, the team will also introduce more AI-related technologies to encourage creators to create more personalized and scalable products and functions. StarryNift regards AI as an empowering tool and delivers it to every user, promoting the simultaneous growth of technology and creator economy.

DID citizen card builds Web3 Native identity

As a metaverse product, users' rich behaviors, experiences and data in the scene are key components in building the user's Web3 identity. Therefore, StarryNift developed the Digital Citizen DID decentralized identity protocol—Citizenship, which integrates users’ Web2 and Web3 data, including on-chain and off-chain data, to create comprehensive user profiles. It contains data of various dimensions, such as DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi & Metaverse, NFT and DAO, etc.

Token Economy (10% high-proportion airdrop for famous brands)

StarryNift has now publicly released its token economic plan, and the project team said it will airdrop up to 10% of the tokens. These tokens will be distributed to holders, users, supporters and partners (including KOLs, guilds, projects and experts). Based on models and experience, retail investors should actively participate in the StarryNift Citizenship ecosystem, including staying active, completing tasks, and participating in joint activities.

Typically, token allocations reserve tokens for the ecosystem, partners, advisors, investors, treasury, DAO, and team, balancing short-term growth with long-term value. In terms of short-term growth, StarryNift adopts practices such as “p2e” and plans to introduce AI automated games to add fun and innovation. In terms of long-term development, StarryNift has received investments from Binance, OK, etc., and investment institutions have voluntarily extended the token lock-up period. Officials revealed that they may launch a token repurchase and destruction plan to promote the long-term development of the community.

How to join as a new user

All users can mint the StarryNift Citizenship card for free (which is the key certificate of the StarryNift Citizenship ecosystem). By participating in StarryAI, signing in to Daily Streak, drawing Raffle Pool, inviting new users, ecological tasks and Official Twitter activities, they can accumulate Citizenship card xp to upgrade their level, or even Active citizens who make constructive and ongoing contributions to the Starryverse may also earn token allocations and airdrops by ranking high on the leaderboards and potentially earning special rewards or vouchers. Some documents of StarryNift also mention that the official focuses on ecological construction and will provide rewards for ecological construction.

Users can also choose to purchase Code Green NFT incubated and issued by StarryNift to increase a certain potential holding airdrop quota.

StarryNift x BNB Chain joint airdrop event

This is part of the airdrop alliance program conducted by BNB Chain. After earning points, you will also receive airdrop rewards from StarryNift. It is a two-fish deal and is worth participating in depth.

The event is divided into 6 stages, with different rewards for each stage. When you experience StarryAI, you can not only win citizenship xp points and obtain additional community airdrops, but you can also participate in this bnbchain airdrop event to win them. 300,000 tokens rewarded.

First phase activities:

1) Chat with public bots posted by others at least once

2) Create your own chatbot

3) Chat with the bot and share to twitter

The detailed steps are as follows:

1️⃣ Visit the official website or a friend’s link to log in and link the wallet https://starrynift.art/

2️⃣Click Citizen on the official website navigation bar and click on the freemint citizenship card to chat (chatting with the Bot can accumulate xp, and xp can obtain community airdrop tokens except for this event)

3️⃣Click StarryAI on the navigation bar to jump to the AI ​​- Explore interface. You can click 👍 on the bot shown below to conduct opBNB interactive voting and complete task 1. You can vote 5 times a day to get 10xp

4️⃣Select and click a bot, jump and click Chat to chat, click the lower left corner of the dialog box to share the chat to twitter and complete task 3 (different citizenship card levels can chat different times, if you want to get more airdrop rewards and Additional rewards can be obtained by interacting with AI chat to gain more XP. Overall, all users can participate in airdrop activities and additional citizenship change)

5️⃣Click My Bot on the navigation bar, and then click Create Bot in the upper right corner to create the bot page. Just fill in the content according to your own situation, set the avatar/name/welcome message/bot role/choose public display, etc. and publish your own AI Bot can complete task 2

From the second to the sixth phase of the activity, there will be more token airdrops and citizenship xp million rewards! You can follow StarryNift official Twitter and official discord community to join


The main features of StarryNift are mainly divided into three points:

The first is to combine and open up the creative freedom of AI + 3D metaverse. Users can create corresponding metaverse according to the scenes they set, and establish their own Web3 communities on the metaverse, and realize various functions through the community. function to enhance individual value;

The second is that through deep integration with AI, users can build their own AI chatbots and adapt to customized scenarios to help people complete various professional tasks. AI roles with different functions can be used on the platform, while also AI characters can be added to the 3D metaverse scene to achieve more functions and experiences;

Third, StarryNift uses Token incentives to develop the potential of the Metaverse. Token incentives play a key role in expanding the user group, and solve user needs through multi-functional AI scenarios, thereby stimulating users’ creative potential in the Metaverse, thus Expand the popularity and strength of the platform.

In addition, StarryNift cooperates with ecological applications on the BNB Chain chain. The project has received up to 10 million US dollars in financing, and the institutional background is also very interesting. It has certain potential in the Metaverse and AI tracks of this bull market. In the past, many DApps focused on decentralizing Web2 applications, but this time DApps are more inclined to AI intelligence for DApps to create a A more intelligent super application, StarryNift is in line with this direction, and with the official airdrop, it is still worth interacting with.

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