Ethena will launch ENA airdrop and list on CEX on April 2

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BlockBeats news, on March 28, according to official news, Ethena announced that it will launch the ENA airdrop and list it on CEX on April 2. Any user who cancels the pledge, unlocks or sells all USDe before this date will not be eligible to receive the airdrop (simply put Say, do not operate except for Pendle YT holders). The total amount of this airdrop is 750 million (accounting for 5% of the total), which can be claimed within 30 days at most. After that, any unclaimed ENA will be redistributed to users of the second season event. There are more than 90,000 user addresses that qualify for this air investment. The top 2,000 users with points and Pendle’s YT token holders will only unlock 50% initially, and the remaining 50% will be unlocked linearly within 6 months. In addition, 3% of the total amount of tokens in this airdrop (0.15% of the total supply) will be distributed to SchizoPosters and Redacted Remilio Babies series NFT holders. The total number of Ethena (ENA) tokens is 15 billion, and the initial circulation is 1.425 billion. The allocation quota for core contributors and investors is 30% (1-year lock-up), and the ecological economic development allocation quota is 25%. Ethena The foundation's distribution quota is 15%. ENA will be used to vote on governance proposals on matters related to the Ethena protocol. The Ethena Shard event will end on April 1. The event lasted only 6 weeks in total. It is one of the shortest Pre-Token events in the crypto field so far. The current supply of USDe has increased to over 1.3 billion US dollars, which is also the fastest to exceed 10 The US dollar stablecoin with a supply of 100 million US dollars is the protocol with the highest revenue in the industry (7-day revenue reached 8 million US dollars, higher than MakerDAO's 4.8 million). Ethena Sats (Season 2 event) will begin immediately after the conclusion of Season 1, supporting BTC as the underlying asset. The Sats campaign will continue for another 5 months or end when the USDe supply reaches $5 billion.

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