A concise interactive guide to potential airdrops in the Scroll ecosystem

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Scroll is taking its user base seriously.

Written by: CC2

Compiled by: TechFlow TechFlow

Due to popular demand for airdrops, here is my updated, comprehensive guide to Scroll ’s airdrops.

First, why interact with Scroll?

There are three answers, and they're pretty simple.

1. Community consistency

Scroll had a full-blown Galxe campaign, which they pulled the same day their community expressed displeasure.

They may need to spend a lot of time coordinating the event with all related projects, but they abandon the entire project without hesitation.

This incident alone shows that Scroll takes its user base seriously and is open to constructive feedback.

2. Transparency

Scroll team members actively engage with their community and even euphemistically stated that there will be “rewards for on-chain interaction” in the future.

I think this method is correct, because every ETH L2 has an airdrop, so there is no need to be mysterious.

3. Technology

We’ll cover Scroll briefly to get right into the guide, but Scroll’s technology is absolutely top-notch; even vitalik is also optimistic about Scroll.

How to qualify for air investment

To be honest, considering that we now have a large sample size from which to derive airdrop standards, the technical difficulty of airdrops is not great.

Some basic rules:

  • ETH mainnet usage (at least 2-3 transactions)

  • Minimum balance in Scroll ($20-$30 if you can)

  • Regular use (at least 4-5 transactions per month)

  • Unique months (at least 3 months)

  • Use organically (not all transactions in one day)

  • Trading volume (used in almost every airdrop)

  • Unique dApps (at least 5 different dApps)

These rules must be followed at all costs.

Now that we've made this clear, let's do a simple interaction.

Scroll Airdrop Guide

1. Mainnet: https://scroll.io/bridge

Do this on weekends when gas bills are lower.

I recommend bridging through an official bridge at least once to set yourself apart from the crowd of wallets and improve your ETH on-chain footprint.

Alternative bridges: Once you've been through the official bridge once or twice, you can look for cheaper options:

My preferred Scroll bridge is Orbiter: Confirmed tokens and build your own L2.

Stay tuned as Jumper will eventually integrate Scroll as well.

2. Swap: https://syncswap.xyz


I usually only do one or two swaps in a day unless I specifically want to accumulate certain tokens.

Example: On zkSync, I purchased some Paymaster Gas tokens: HOLD, MEOW, USDC, WBTC. All on the same day.

3. Interaction: https://scroll-us.ambient.finance/

  • Exchange ETH/BTC → Stablecoin

  • Optional: Provide liquidity

Remember: Ambient is tokenless, you can currently accumulate points, and you currently accumulate the most points by providing liquidity (LPing).

Even if you're just redeeming, it's a nice Scroll interaction.

4. Interaction: https://app.rango.exchange/

  • Exchange ETH/BTC → Stablecoin

5. Interaction: https://app.zebra.xyz/#/swap

  • Exchange between tokens

Rango will be tokenized this year and can also be used as a bridge. Not sure if Zebra will give up the token, but it is still a solid dApp.

Syncswap, Ambient, and Rango are to some extent my preferred DEXs on Scroll, mainly to achieve at least a two-in-one effect for each transaction.

It would be prudent to mix it up and occasionally interact with new dApps/contracts.

Other dexes that can be used for interactivity:

6. Purchase NFT: https://zonic.app/

Cheap NFTs can be purchased on Scroll:

7. Purchase NFT: https://element.market/zksync

Element is expected to be airdropped at some point.

8. Other interactions: https://scroll.satori.finance/

  • Deposit USDC

  • Make a trade or two

  • Withdraw money

Technically, deposits/withdrawals count as trading volume.

9. Send email: https://mail.dmail.ai/

  • Send email on Scroll

10. Other interactions: https://owlto.finance/inscribe

  • engraved inscription

  • Use the "Daily Check-in" feature

11. Other interactions: https://app.aave.com/

  • Supply ETH

  • borrow it

  • Optional: Use borrowed ETH for liquidity mining

  • Pay off in a few days

at last

You don't have to do all your interactions in one day, in fact I highly recommend spreading them out over 4-5 days.

Also, you don't have to follow this exact route, other than bridging, it's prudent to mix it up and create your own.

I made sure to include as many token-free dApps as possible to ensure it was always a "kill two birds with one stone" deal, thus increasing capital efficiency.

The following are currently my personal favorite dApps on Scroll that do not issue tokens:

  • Ambient

  • Syncswap

  • Orbiter

  • Rango

  • Aperture

Disclaimer: The content above is only the author's opinion which does not represent any position of Followin, and is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, investment advice from Followin.
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