ZORA Chain MEME exploded, who are the three leading tokens? How to buy?

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Search the keyword ZORO on dailyy, and the latest article stays in September 22. At Blockbeats, there are a few bits and pieces, but the story is broadly similar.

ZORA, an NFT platform, later made a Layer 2 chain. It must be said that ZORA has a certain influence among crypto players.

Previously, Mint.fun, invested by Altman, the founder of Open AI, also cooperated with zora, leading many people to MINT ZORA's NFT. In addition, it has also sold colored balls, because the anticipation of airdrops has attracted many people to get on board.

Anyone who has played ZORA may have an impression of it: the Golden Cave. Because many crypto artists and DAO organizations will use it to sell NFT artworks and tickets, many people use it to MINT some NFTs... and the fees are not low.

However, it has never stood at the center of the encryption stage like other Layer 2 and NFT platforms. To describe it as quiet is an understatement.

Picture: zora official website

But just in the past two days, several golden dogs suddenly appeared on the ZORA chain, pulling out "appalling" exaggerated curves in a short period of time. Keep pulling, keep pulling, ZORA becomes a hot cake.

A group of people said: Funds are pouring into ZORA, this is the next battlefield!

A wave of people asked anxiously: What is ZORA? How do you look at those coins? Where to buy it?

Another group of people said disdainfully: What? Hype!

I won’t go into the basic introduction of ZORA. Go directly to ZORA’s current golden dogs.

Higher of the three ZORA concept giants:

GeckoTerminal data shows that the higher token is located in the Base chain, with an early price of $0.0014. It has exploded recently and is currently about $0.098, an increase of hundreds of times. Its market capitalization is currently approximately $100 million.

All elements of this MEME coin can be summed up in three words: keep rising.

Higher community members are mainly on Warpcast, a social product based on the Farcaster protocol on the Base chain. Currently, this group has 13,000 followers. Its tokens were airdropped early on for its community members.

The reason why Higher is the ZORA chain concept MEME may be that its early players are in the ZORA chain MINT NFT. In addition, in this community, after members create MEME memes, they are also keen to make them into NFTs for members to MINT on the ZORA chain.

And all of this can be interacted directly on Warpcast, and the community atmosphere is very good. It's a viral spread.

In addition, the MEME token has received support from some core participants in the Base ecosystem, such as Base protocol director Jesse Pollak, who is very keen to participate in the MEME narrative and calls for the Base chain MEME coin.

Higher seems to be a dual concept of Warpcast and ZORA chains. Judging from the community response, Higher should be a core MEME coin of the Base chain after DEGEN. The community also speculates that it hopes to become Base Chain Dragon II. The meaning of Higher is particularly suitable for social communication.

Higher can be purchased directly on the Base chain through Uniswap.

Token address: 0x0578d8a44db98b23bf096a382e016e29a5ce0ffe

The data can be viewed at: https://www.geckoterminal.com/base/pools/0xcc28456d4ff980cee3457ca809a257e52cd9cdb0

One of the three giants of ZORA concept: Enjoy

Enjoy is a MEME coin based on the ZORA chain. It was airdropped early to NFT content creators and MINT collectors on ZORA. It was launched on March 8 and has only started to explode in the past two days.

Data shows that it has increased nearly 10 times in the past two days. The current FDV is approximately US$33 million.

Enjoy’s explosive popularity should be like this. First, the Base chain and social application Warpcaster became popular, MEME coins such as DEGEN exploded, and funds and popularity entered Base. Later, due to the strong interaction between the entire ecosystem and ZORA, some funds and attention entered and hyped ZORA.

Enjoy has a strong influence in the ZORA ecosystem and has been favored by early ZORA NFT players.

It has to be said that as an NFT sales platform, ZORA has gathered a group of social influencers, and even some well-known DAO organizations also use the platform to sell DAO tickets and other content.

When Enjoy was listed, many core players naturally began to promote it.

Personally, I feel that compared with Higher, Enjoy is not as good as the former in terms of marketing. For example, if you look at the official website and social media, there is a gap between the two in terms of creativity such as memes.

Currently, purchasing Enjoy requires cross-chaining ETH to the ZORA chain, and the Defi ecology of the ZORA chain is not very good. Many people cannot find the purchase entrance. The following link can directly navigate to the purchase entrance.

Enjoy purchase link: https://swap.zora.energy/swap?outputCurrency=0xa6b280b42cb0b7c4a4f789ec6ccc3a7609a1bc39

Enjoy data query: https://www.geckoterminal.com/zora-network/pools/0x3a3f615b05aad54d8a7af1d1b20854f0513278da

One of the three giants of ZORA concept: Imagine

Imagine is very similar to Enjoy. They both sell NFT on ZORA and then do social communication based on Warpcaster.

However, the Enjoy project has been operating for a long time, while Imagine is very new and its token was just listed for trading last weekend. FDV is only 15 million.

At present, its popularity is not as good as Enjoy based on its data performance.

Whether it is Enjoy or Imagine, they both operate communities and carry out many activities in Warpcaster. It is precisely because of Warpcaster's encryption nativeness that its MINT NFT and other gameplay methods are very natural and the fission effect is amazing.

Regarding Imagine, no further introduction will be given here. If you are interested, you can go to Warpcaster's group to see more content. You can join these official groups directly.

Purchase link: https://www.geckoterminal.com/zora-network/pools/0x86c2fd1c99d8b7ff541767a4748b2eb38fd43da8

imagine data query: https://www.geckoterminal.com/zora-network/pools/0x86c2fd1c99d8b7ff541767a4748b2eb38fd43da8

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