Getting Started Guide: How to play with the Degen ecosystem?

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Degen is currently the Meme coin on the Base chain, with a market value exceeding US$1.7 billion, ATH! How to get started with the Degen ecosystem of Slay Weekend? Biteye brings you the following interpretation:

  1. What are $Degen tokens?

  2. $Degen usage scenarios

  3. What is Degen Chain?

  4. How to enter the Degen ecosystem

1. What is $Degen token


The Meme concept originated from the Degen channel of the decentralized social application @warpcast_ . It is based on the Base chain. Its earliest use was content reward and it is currently the leading token in this ecosystem.


The angel round on February 21 was approximately US$1.47 million, led by 1confirmation.


The increase during the month was approximately 200%, with the total market value exceeding US$1.7 billion and the 24-hour trading volume exceeding US$100 million.

2. $Degen usage scenarios

Applications that support $Degen payment and tipping

@farcaster_xyz is the protocol layer with a valuation of US$1 billion. Paradigm and A16z participated in the investment. @warpcast_ builds on this.

3. What is Degen Chain?


Layer 3, launched by DAO infrastructure service provider @syndicateio on March 29, is built on Arbitrum Orbit. The Base network serves as the settlement layer, and the DA layer is AnyTrust.


Specifically built for the Degen community and $Degen , it supports community rewards, payments, games, etc. at low cost.


It exceeded 10 million US dollars in two days. $Degen is the native Gas token of the chain.

4. How to enter Degen Chain trading?

1. Buy $Degen

Check out the exchanges that support $Degen at @CoinMarketCap

2. Add Degen chain

  1. Search Degen Chain on Chainlist to connect the wallet

  2. Or customize in MetaMask:

3. Cross chain to Degen chain

Use to support Base, OP and other chains, and swap Degen, USDC, wETH, etc. into $Degen. Crossing back takes about 7 days.

4. Buy and sell coins on the Degen chain

DegenSwap ( ),



Check the market ( )

Block Explorer ( )

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