Ethena releases the details of the second season event. Users who meet the conditions in the first season will receive a 20% increase in Sats points

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According to BlockBeats news, on April 1, Ethena Labs officially released the second season event details. According to the announcement, in the second season event (starting on April 2), "Shards" have been replaced by "Sats" to match the The protocol changes to include BTC as a supporting asset. It is reported that when a user does not do any activities that violate the airdrop rules recently (simply put, don’t cancel anything), and on this basis adds any new USDe to a new incentive plan in the same wallet, then the user who has participated in the first Season 2 users will receive a 20% increase in Sats in Season 2. Ethena Labs stated that BTC perpetual futures could provide Ethena with approximately $25 billion in additional open interest for delta hedging, which is 2.5 times the current size of ETH perpetual futures. If half of those open positions (longs) paid fees to shorts, this would equal an opportunity to increase Ethena’s total annual cash flow by approximately $2.75 billion.

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