Blast launches the "Points Bonus" activity, guiding you to complete the task step by step

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On April 2, the interest-generating Layer 2 network Blast officially launched the “Points Bonus” activity.

According to Blast’s official disclosure, the “Points Bonus” activity will cover a total of 12 task sections. Currently, only two major sections such as “Spot Exchange” and “Derivatives Exchange” are currently open, and the remaining sections are expected to be gradually expanded in the future. open.

At the current stage, users can interact with designated projects through the "Spot Exchange" and "Derivatives Exchange" sections on the "Multiple Multiplier" homepage on the official website , and then obtain a large number of points at once, and activate subsequent points growth rate bonuses —— Taking the author’s current total points of 750,000 and a growth rate of 55/h as an example, after completing any task in any section, you can obtain 140,000 points at once (accounting for approximately 18.8% of the total points), and double the point growth rate. .

  • Under the "Spot Exchange" task section, Blast lists a total of five designated projects, namely Ring Protocol, Ambient, Mangrove, Thruster Finance and BladeSwap.

  • Under the "Derivatives Exchange" task section, Blast lists a total of seven designated projects, namely BFX, SynFutures, Wasabi, Particle, DTX, Bloom and Blitz.

According to Blast's instructions, the "Points Bonus" task can be completed by interacting with the above designated items. There is no limit on the specific amount of interaction, so we can use small amounts of funds to interact one by one. In addition, according to the author's actual testing, users do not need to interact with all specified projects, and only interact with one of them to complete the task.

In the "spot exchange", taking Thruster Finance , which is most commonly used in the Blast ecosystem, as an example, you only need to exchange a small amount between ETH and USDB to complete the task requirements.

In the "Derivatives Exchange", we can choose BFX , one of the mainstream exchanges in the ecosystem, or DTX, which has just completed an angel round of financing recently, to interact.

Taking BFX as an example, we first need to deposit a certain amount of funds into the exchange account (actually a new contract address), such as the USDB we exchanged from Thruster Financ in the previous step.

After the deposit is completed, the funds can be used to open contracts. In order to avoid interactive losses as much as possible, we can choose a lower leverage ratio.

After that, we can choose to open orders in the long or short direction based on our understanding of the market trend, and then close the position and withdraw USDB.

After that, when we return to the main task interface, we can find that both tasks have been completed.

It is worth mentioning that the author mentioned in the previous article that taking my personal total points of 750,000 and a growth rate of 55/h as an example, I can get 140,000 points at a time (about 18.8% of the total points) after completing the tasks in any section. % ) and double the point growth rate.

But after actually completing the two tasks, you will find that the one-time points have increased by about 420,000 instead of 280,000 (140,000 times 2). This may be because when Blast calculates the point reward for the second task, The points we got after completing the first task have been included in the calculation basis, but the specific algorithm is currently unknown.

In addition, the "total multiplier" of points after completing two tasks will become 4 times. It is not clear here whether Blast uses multiplication or addition when using "two rounds of 2 times" to calculate the "total multiplier" (multiplication can That’s outrageous…there are 12 rounds in total), but in any case, if the current user does not choose to do interactive tasks, the points accumulated in the early stage will be greatly diluted.

The last point that needs special emphasis is that, considering the security concerns of the Blast ecosystem, this "Points Bonus" activity supports users to use unusual addresses to interact, but the rewards will still be released to commonly used addresses. The specific operation is on the homepage. Link other infrequently used addresses through a designated window, and include all addresses into the same account to share the reward bonus.

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