Decentralized algorithmic stablecoin platform BenFen will launch its first round of public testing

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PANews reported on April 3 that BenFen, a new generation of decentralized algorithmic stablecoin platform initiated by the BenFen Foundation and enthusiastically co-built by BiXin, will debut at the BiXin Hong Kong Conference on April 7 and officially start its first round of public beta activities.

The BenFen platform builds a secure, stable, high-performance, and high-availability underlying blockchain based on the Move language. It has a built-in decentralized, multi-currency-anchored stablecoin, and natively supports the application of stablecoins in staking and Gas payment.

On April 2, BenFen and OpenBlock under the Bixin Ecosystem jointly held the theme space of "BenFen SFT Mining Preview Experience", inviting 11 well-known KOLs in the industry to participate, and the number of listeners reached 62,000. BenFen's upcoming SFT (Semi-Fungible Token) virtual mining machine combines graphics and coins, using the properties of homogeneous tokens to increase secondary market liquidity, and using the characteristics of NFT to stake mining and generate interest, reducing the overall issuance and transaction costs of mining machines.

It is reported that the first round of public beta activities will specifically invite some industry KOLs and OGs to participate, and participants will have the opportunity to receive BFC token airdrops.

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