Trust Wallet warns Apple iOS users about new vulnerability

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Trust Wallet recommends that Apple device users disable the iMessage feature on iOS to avoid encountering zero-day vulnerabilities.

Trust Wallet warns Apple iOS users about new vulnerability. Photo: Trust Wallet

According to a notice posted early on the morning of April 16, the popular cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has requested users using Apple's iOS version of the app to immediately disable the iMessage feature, claiming that it has can be used by hackers to gain control through a zero-day vulnerability - a type of hardware or software security vulnerability that has never been discovered before.

Trust Wallet affirms that this is a serious error because it can let attackers infiltrate the device, whether the user clicks on a strange link or downloads malicious code by mistake or not.

2/2: 🚨 Recommended action to guard against this iMessage exploit; disable iMessages ASAP until Apple patches this.

Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> toggle iMessage off. Maintain this precaution until Apple issues a security patch. Your security is our priority.

Stay #SAFU

— Trust Wallet (@TrustWallet) April 15, 2024

Wallet recommends that iOS users temporarily disable iMessage until Apple releases a patch for the vulnerability.

Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Shen also Chia images of how to attack iMessage, which is being sold on the dark web for $2 million.

Threat intel detected an iOS iMessage zero-day exploit for sale in the Dark Web. It is a zero click exploit to take over control of the phone via iMessages. Its asking price is $2M. This would make sense for very high value individual targets, as more the zero-day is used,…

— Eowync. ETH (@EowynChen) April 15, 2024

However, there are still people who express skepticism about the severity of the vulnerability, saying that Trust Wallet has not been able to verify the information, but has only seen people selling the vulnerability and claiming it is real. Some also questioned if the vulnerability was really so serious, then why did all the other security experts in the world know nothing about it, while Trust Wallet was the leading unit? first discovered.

In response, Trust Wallet representative revealed that he had been warned by the project's security team and partners.

- We are the most used wallet in crypto wallet with close to 90M+ downloads

- our intel comes from our security team and partners constantly checking for threats

- we are one of, if not the, most active crypto wallet social accounts in the space and we always alert our users…

— Trust Wallet (@TrustWallet) April 15, 2024

However, in the past there have been cases where iMessage was used to attack users. Apple also has to repeatedly release patches for newly discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. In March, security researchers also discovered an unrecoverable error for models using M chips, which could reveal private key leaks.

Blockchain security research firm Halborn believes that the cryptocurrency industry is still facing the risk of zero-day attacks across 280 blockchains, with up to $25 billion in asset value at stake.

🚨 Halborn discovered massive #ZeroDay impacting Dogecoin and 280+ networks including Litecoin and Zcash, putting over $25 Billion of digital assets at risk!


— Halborn (@HalbornSecurity) March 13, 2023

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