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2023/05/26 17:05
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Today's market

Bitcoin $26223 - 26440 (+0.82%)
Ethereum $1790 - 1812 (+1.17%)

daily news

- It was rumored that the Multichain team was arrested, FUD sentiment spread, and what different information did the data on the chain reveal?

- Tether CTO: Tether Q1 profit billions of dollars, and plans to buy Bitcoin

- The Pudgy Penguins NFT project proves that a Web3 twist is possible

- Sam Altman's Worldcoin raises $115M for decentralized ID

Today's Hot Spot

Delete the expression of cryptocurrency on the official website and enter AI. What is the paradigm shift of Paradigm?
Paradigm once again ushered in a paradigm shift, no longer focusing only on cryptocurrency/Web3, and began to expand its focus to Ai

It is rumored that the Multichain team was arrested, FUD sentiment spread, and what different information does the data on the chain reveal?
At present, Multichain's Cross-chain transaction volume is about 129 million US dollars, second only to Stargate, but if we take a long-term view, the bridge fund does not seem to show obvious signs of panic

market related

Potential black swan? What happens to BTC and ETH if US debt defaults?
On June 1, a date that could have historic implications for global markets, the U.S. is at risk of defaulting on its debt for the first time ever

In-depth article

The Truth Behind PulseChain’s 13.7 Billion Fundraising: Innovation or Scam, Risk or Opportunity?
PulseChain is a state-full Hard fork of Ethereum, the first Hard fork to contain the complete state of the Ethereum blockchain

Analyze the three popular Ethereum standards: EIP-6969, ERC-721C and ERC-6551
Every standard has the potential to form or change a business

Encryption Science

From BRC-20, ORC-20, to SRC-20: Are these innovative experiments the future of Bitcoin?
The Bitcoin network is fundamentally unable to implement complex smart contracts, and it is hard to imagine how the utility of BRC-20 tokens can be used other than as meme tokens for transactions.

Project Insights

This article sorts out the recent important upgrades and ecological progress of Cosmos
This article is about the important progress of Cosmos after releasing the 2.0 Whitepaper, as well as the dynamic and hot ecological projects of Cosmos in the second half of the year

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