Jia Yueting's US stock FFIE surged 307%, the SOL chain's MEME coin with the same name surged 9910%, and the KittyFi concept is still continuing

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Today, Justin Sun wrote on X: "FF electric vehicles are all equipped with the TRON blockchain, and TRX is the only payment method for electric vehicles, with facial recognition and code scanning. What do you think of this idea?"

As a result, most of the replies below were suggestions: Mr. Jia should issue a coin, there is no need to commercialize the IP, and he can just return to China next week.

Does Jia Yueting need to issue a coin? No.

Although Jia Yueting's Faraday Future has not produced any cars, it does have U.S. stocks under the code FFIE, although there are rumors that it will be delisted.

Last night, Faraday Future's stock FFIE rose 307%. Currently, the stock market value is around $12 million.

Why did you pull it directly?

We guess it’s still the Kitty effect.

Kitty has stirred up the U.S. stock market in the past two days. As the spiritual leader of the "retail investors vs. Wall Street" movement, he posted on social media again after three years, directly driving up the GME stock in the U.S. stock market. Last night's trading volume ranked second only to Nvidia.

In the crypto, Kitty-themed MEME coins have soared, including GME, WSB, KITTY, AMC, etc., all of which have seen a huge increase. For details, please refer to our previous report.

"MEME coin is on the rise again? A list of the Kitty concept coins of Wall Street's "retail investor god" that exploded" https:// Followin.io/zh-Hans/feed/10053361

The rise of FFIE's US stock is most likely an extension of the Kitty effect.

It is easy to understand that the nature of FFIE is a low-market-cap shit coin in the US stock market. The last time retail investors challenged Wall Street, it was GME. This time, FFIE can be said to have taken a ride. The reason for this is that on Reddit, FFIE's forum has also become active due to Kiity's pull effect on GME.

There aren’t many people, but they are very enthusiastic about shill.

If you search for X, wow, the shill are the same as in the crypto.

What do you think of when you see this?

This thing needs a MEME coin. Congratulations, it's what you wished for.

Last night, the active-minded people in the crypto quickly launched FFIE.

OKX Web3 wallet comes up with a simple search. Solana chain has a MEME coin with the same name.

FFIE address: 3dH1FZwt2b1E3SLBZjUJbuFvA19ETFZ561QSzMnry5uV

Data shows that the MEME coin was launched on the 15th, and the current 24-hour trading volume is only 460,000 US dollars. The market value is only about 200,000. There are more than 400 addresses holding the coin.

This coin has no background, otherwise the data would not be so bleak.

From the perspective of MEME coin, FFIE has a certain hype space, but it is not certain whether this MEME will eventually appear on Solana. At present, there are MEME coins with the same name, including Ethereum mainnet, BSC, Base chain, etc. The data is very bad, and the Ethereum chain has returned to zero.

In fact, since Kitty came out, the MEME coin of the same name has been launched wildly on the Ethereum mainnet, Solana chain, and Base chain, and has skyrocketed and plummeted.

According to the analysis of X account Conor, nearly 1 million new crypto tokens were created on Optimism, Ethereum, Base, Blast, and Arbitrum last month, which is twice the total number of tokens on Ethereum from 2015 to 2023. The Base chain is the largest token launcher in the Ethereum system.

On Solana, over 20,000 cryptocurrencies are created every day, and perhaps closer to 600,000 per month.

Among the massive amount of new coins, most of them are MEME coins that are born and die quickly.

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