Trump concept coins collectively surged. What happened in the past 12 hours?

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Ethereum spot ETF just made important progress in the SEC last week. Although the news has landed, the market has not seen a big correction. Perhaps it is still waiting for the ETF to officially start trading. In addition, Trump publicly supported the development of the crypto industry in the United States. Many tokens are "taking the opportunity" to rise. Trump concept coin Trump has risen for several days and has exceeded $12.

Let's take a look at some of the exciting stories from last night:

1. co-founder hinted that he would leave Base, causing FRIEND token to fall by nearly 30%

Concept currency: $FRIEND (-30.2%)

After the co-founder of the Web3 social network protocol (alias Racer) posted a post hinting at the intention to migrate the protocol out of Base, the protocol's native token FRIEND fell sharply. Racer explained in another post that the team has always had a rocky relationship with Base, "Farcaster's investors were crazy about us when we launched because they misunderstood what we were doing. They put a lot of pressure on the team and users, and since then, our relationship has gone downhill and we have been ostracized by the 'Base community'."

2. Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender father of the Kardashian family in the United States, released a meme coin, triggering an extreme reversal of the market

Concept currency: $jenner (+23000%)

As one of the top American families with millions of fans, Caitlyn Jenner posted a Pumpfun contract on the X account last night and released a meme $jenner, which rose more than 280 times from the opening price and reached a market value of 17.5 million US dollars.

Contract address: 4GJ3TCt5mTgQT5BRKb14AkjddpFQqKVfphxzS3t4foZ9

This token was quite exciting last night. First, after someone discovered this token, the token price rose sharply. Then someone said that the account might have been hacked, and the token price quickly collapsed. But then Caitlyn herself confirmed the authenticity of the token, and the token price rose again. 0xSun reviewed this:

3. Base Ecosystem Meme Project Normie suffered a flash loan attack, and the token price has fallen by 99.47%

Normie, a meme project in the Base ecosystem, suffered a flash loan attack, and the token price has fallen by 99.47%. The attacker took advantage of the design flaws of the NORMIE token cross-chain bridge and manipulated the price on Base through flash loan. Since NORMIE transactions on Base are taxed, the tax will automatically go into the wallet controlled by the project. The attacker injected a large amount of funds into the wallet through flash loan, thereby significantly diluting the token supply and causing a flash crash in prices.

Afterwards, X user @Sizeab1e claimed to be the attacker in the Normie attack and expressed his willingness to return the more than $494,000 in funds that Normie lost. Normie said on the social platform that he had accepted the attacker's proposal to return 90% of the stolen ETH and allow him to keep 10% as a reward.

4. Trump concept tokens continue to rise, TRUMP and MAGA Hat both hit record highs

Concept coins: $TRUMP (+32%)\$MAGA HAT (+160%)

On May 27, according to market information, Trump concept tokens continued to rise, among which: MAGA (TRUMP) is currently trading at US$12.6, with a 24-hour increase of 31.68%, and the coin price has hit a record high; MAGA Hat is currently trading at US$0.0005287, with a 24-hour increase of up to 160.6%, and the coin price has also hit a record high.

In addition, a large number of Trump concept currencies have appeared on the Solana chain, with extremely high increases. Pay attention to risks and be careful of rug projects.

5. GCR's X account was stolen in the early morning and released false news, causing ORDI price to soar

Concept currency: $ORDI (+5%)

In the early morning of May 27, according to market news, the X account @GCRClassic of the well-known trader GCR was stolen, and the hacker posted a message of "bullish and heavy holdings in ORDI". Affected by this, the price of ORDI rose from around 38 USDT to 44.5 USDT in the short term and then fell back. Before posting the malicious tweet, the hacker established a position on OKX PERP and Binance SPOT 6 minutes in advance. As of press time, ORDI has fallen back to around 40.8 USDT, and the increase has narrowed to 5%.

It is reported that GCR is a legendary whale trader who became famous for his public bet of 10 million US dollars with Luna founder Do Kwon. At that time, he believed that the price of Luna would be lower than the current price within a year and successfully short it.

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