Web3 Daily 0326: It is rumored that the U.S. government is considering expanding emergency credit lines for banks, while giving First Republic Bank buffer time

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Web3 Daily 0326

  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen chairs emergency financial stability meeting

  • The U.S. government is said to be considering expanding emergency credit lines for banks while giving First Republic a buffer

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad author: Fed rate hikes will crash stocks, bonds, real estate and the dollar

  • Barry Sternlicht: The US economy will implode

  • Bill Ackman: I worry the U.S. economy will be derailed

  • Tim Draper: Businesses Should Hold Bitcoin After SVB and Other Banks Fail

  • The balance of ETH exchanges hit a four-year low; the number of ETH non-zero addresses hit a new high

  • The Information: Musk’s latest valuation of Twitter is only $20 billion, less than half of the acquisition price

  • Founder of NFEX: A new address that was created only 6 days ago quickly climbed to the fifth place in the Blur scoreboard by relying on price manipulation

  • NFT project y00ts: Migrating from Solana to Polygon from the 27th

  • Otherside: The 2nd Trip started, over 7,200 Voyagers participated

  • Moore, the creator of Intel's joint creation and Moore's Law, dies at the age of 94

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