Arbitrum (ARB) continues to search for a new Dip , is it an opportunity to collect goods?

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Evaluating a Token is not easy. Especially recently when a series of negative information for the market directly affected the prices of coins including Arbitrum . So in this article we will evaluate the ARB coin from many different aspects so that everyone has the most overview. Is Arbitrum an opportunity to increase assets?

ETH Cancun:

Eth Cancun Copy

Expected to take place later this year, in this update, it is worth noting that EIP 4844 (Danksharding) has direct impacts on Layer 2 , especially on transaction fees. Currently, transaction fees on Layer 2 are relatively high (Arbitrum is 0.23, Optimism is 0.12 and zkSync is 0.32). When Cancun upgrades, the fee will decrease by 10 - 100 times. Helps Layer 2 increase the number of users, transactions,...

Arbitrum Stylus:

Giao Diện Stylus

Not long ago, Offchain labs launched the Stylus testnet to upgrade the network and attract developers to build on Arbitrum, this is considered an upgrade of Nitro and is expected to officially launch later this year. .

The development of the Arbitrum ecosystem:


Every week there are always new projects joining the Arbitrum chain (about 5-10 projects/week). Currently on the Arbitrum chain, there are over 600 projects belonging to many different categories such as: Bridges, DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, DEX, Wallet... Once the Stylus version is officially launched, there will be an explosion of Daaps on Arbitrum . inevitable.



Currently, the amount of external circulation is 1,275,000,000 ARB (Airdrop and Ecosystem Development Fund) accounting for only 13% of the total supply. It is expected that by mid-March next year, there will be the first (quite large) unlock. This is considered a good argument for short-term investors (from now until March next year) and not good for long-term investors (several years).

Capital rounds:

Funding Round

Seed round: The price of this round is 0.005 (x150 times the current price of 0.75)

Private round: The price of this round is 0.12 (x6.25 times the current price)

Compared to the prices of Capital raising rounds, in general, ARB 's current price is relatively high. This is a bad argument for the Token, simply because when the posted price increases a hundred times (compared to the seed round), when investors receive Token from ARB , they may Dump it immediately (profit level). was too high).

Data users:

Data User 2

Since the explosion in April this year, the number of users has decreased quite rapidly, peaking at more than 600k users and currently only hovering around 100 - 120k users/day. This data shows that users are starting to lose trust in the project.

On-chain data:

Offchain Labs continues to accumulate ARB (started accumulating ARB since April) Here

There were 7 whales selling ARB on September 11 and 12. In total, they sold 20.41M ARB for a loss of $8.15 million. Here

Besides selling whales, there are also typical buying whales: Here

Wintermute has deposited approximately 5M ARB on the exchange.


We see, there are only 2 arguments that are considered bad arguments for ARB (Data users and Capital raising rounds) and the rest, in general, all have positive trends for Arbitrum 's growth from now until early next year. But whether or not growth depends greatly on Bitcoin's path.

Finally, this article is only for the purpose of providing an objective view of ARB in the near future and this is not investment advice.

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