OpenAI is in "intense discussions" to unify the company, staying in communication with Sam Altman and board of directors

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According to Mars Finance news, Anna Makanju, OpenAI’s vice president of global affairs, said in a memo to employees on Monday that the company is having “intense discussions” to unify its “divided” employees. The letter comes after days of high-stakes negotiations over who will lead OpenAI, with nearly all employees threatening to resign if the board doesn't resign and CEO Sam Altman is reinstated.

"We can assure you that our primary goal remains to reunify OpenAI, and discussions are actively ongoing," Makanju said in the memo. She also said the company is working with Altman, new CEO Emmett Shear and the company's board of directors "But they are not prepared to give us a final reply tonight."

Discussions will continue Tuesday morning "when everyone can get a little more sleep," she wrote. She also comforted employees by saying, "You know, we have a plan that we're working on."

According to previous news, more than 700 of OpenAI's 770 employees have signed an open letter asking the board of directors to resign and restore Sam Altman as CEO, otherwise employees will collectively follow Altman to Microsoft. The letter stated that Microsoft "has guaranteed positions for all OpenAI employees."

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