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Bitcoin $37826 – 37764 (-0.16%)

Ethereum $2031 – 2038 (+0.36%)

daily news

-Analyst : If the Fed stops raising interest rates in December , capital inflows into Bitcoin may increase

- Standard Chartered Bank: Bitcoin price could hit $100,000 within a year

- Slow Mist: Some hackers use the calendar application Calendly to insert malicious links to launch phishing attacks. Users should check carefully.

-Musk: Boycotting advertising will destroy X

In-depth articles

2023Crypto Financing Report: Total financing declines,DeFi , games and infrastructure favored by capital
How is the crypto market financing landscape evolving? Which categories receive the most funding? Who are the top investors?

Stablecoin Protocol: Revealing the Secrets ofPonzi Magic and Bull-Bear Strategy Switching
For stablecoins, "maintaining yields in bear markets and increasing leverage in bull markets" may be the right path for stablecoin protocols.

Bankless: The airdrop craze may revivethe Solana DeFi ecosystem
Solana Stimmy Szn has arrived

Stablecoins: Ponzi, Leverage, and the Holy Grail of Liquidity
"Maintaining yields in bear markets and increasing leverage in bull markets" may be the right path to a stablecoin protocol.

Encryption science

Raising US$225million, how to participate inWormhole’s potential airdrop?
On November 29, Wormhole completed US$225 million in financing at a valuation of US$2.5 billion.

Twitter threads: How to tell whether the market is on the eve of an "explosion"?
$ETH is forming a massive 18 month bottom and the right side is tightening

Project Insights

Pizza Ninjas : A potential new blue chip forBitcoinNFT that gathers consensus from both China and foreign countries
After Bitcoin Frogs, Goosinals and other 10K Bitcoin NFT series dominated by Chinese people have experienced a cold market, Bitcoin NFT projects such as OMB (Ordinals Maxi Biz), which have huge influence in the English circle and have low total supply, have gained more s concern

BTC NFT : The story of Bitfrog, what else is worth paying attention to?
As Binance launches ORDI and OKX Web3 Wallet provides a good Ordinals on-chain experience, more and more users are pouring into BRC-20 and into the Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin network transaction volume and fee capture are rising steadily.

Arcane VenturesInvestment Map: Exploring the New Consumption Paradigm in theWeb3 Era
Arcane Ventures has disclosed 31 investment projects, covering five major areas including IP/creator platform, chain games/ metaverse, infrastructure, DeFi, and community.

Understand the full-chain stablecoinUSDV in three minutes : How does it work? What's innovative?
The underlying assets are completely supported by short-term U.S. debt tokens, and the "value attribution" algorithm ColorTrace is used to achieve community-driven growth. What variables will the full-chain stablecoin USDV bring to the industry?

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