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Author: NingNing

Aevo is a Perp DEX developed by the decentralized options strategy platform Ribbon team. Aevo uses the Conduit Raas service to build its dedicated Rollup L2. It has recently adopted Celesita DA and officially switched to the modular Rollup camp.

Pre-Launch is one of Aevo's current main product features. It provides a contract trading market for new coins without TGE, and converts pre-traded contract trading pairs into standard contract trading pairs after the new coins are officially traded.

Pre-traded contract trading pairs on Aevo currently only support cross margin, 2x leverage or 1x leverage.

We know that prediction markets with real trading volumes outperform various valuation models in predicting asset prices.

Aevo was previously at $TIA $PYTH $ALT $JUP $MANTA performs well in predicting opening prices. The difference between the pre-trading contract trading pair price before the opening and the official opening price is ~3% on average.

Nowadays, over-the-counter (OTC) new coins have generally adopted Aevo’s pre-trading price as the basis for pricing. For example, the current over-the-counter OTC price of Binance Launch Pool’s new coin $PIXEL is $0.34, which is based on the market price of Aevo’s pre-trade.

To participate in Aevo’s pre-trade market, you only need the following simple steps:

– Wallet login Aevo ( akovenko… ) ;

–Wallet signature;

– Wallet recharge, currently supported assets include Ethereum /Arbitrum/Optimism’s ETH and USDC ;

– Switch to the pre-trade section;

–Set the leverage ratio to 1x or 2x;

–Select limit order mode to place an order;

– Check whether the transaction has been completed in the position column.

Aevo's entire operating process and interactive experience are basically consistent with CEX's perpetual contract , and are very smooth and friendly.

But the fly in the ointment is that the depth of the pre-trading order book is not very deep and does not support the participation of large funds. But for retail investors, it is enough.

The Aevo pre-trading market allows us to use the DCA (Dollar Cost Buying Method) strategy to obtain positions in popular new currencies in advance, without having to wait until the exchange opens and then rush to buy orders in a panic. This will give us the opportunity to trade popular new currencies. This brings certain trading advantages.

Finally, let’s add Aevo to Amway. I am very Bullish about it and am optimistic that it will surpass Binance Futures in this bull market.

Aevo adopts the product structure of off-chain order book + on-chain settlement engine, and transactions are free of gas fees. After the bottom layer is replaced with modular Rollup, the final confirmation is greatly improved. The platform’s trading volume and independent traders ushered in a wave of doubling growth in January this year.

The Aevo team is planning a transaction mining activity and will reward participants with 16% of new coins.

Perpetual contract

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