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The options trading platform Aevo often pre-launch token futures, that is, tokens that are launched in advance and have airdrop expectations or airdrop plans, but have not been listed on the exchange, are very popular.

Currently, the project has great airdrop expectations. How to play it? Here is a simple process to get started:

First, click on this link h ttps://app.aevo.xyz/r/BroLeon (to get a 10% transaction fee reduction and the opportunity to join the group for discussion) to enter the Aevo website.

Connect your wallet with USDC, preferably on the Arbitrum chain, so that the gas fee for your subsequent operations will be cheaper. In the screenshot here, I use 10,000 USDC as an example (I just exchanged USDC directly from Binance and mentioned it on Arb).

Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the interface to select the language and switch to Chinese, which is convenient for Chinese people to operate.

Click to continue the process and you can start depositing. Note here that the UDSC you deposit to the on-chain wallet is Native USDC. If you select the right one, you can see the balance.

Then fill in the usdc you plan to deposit and click the approve button below to continue.

Then proceed all the way to approve and deposit, which may take 5 minutes if slow. Here your Usdc will be converted into the project's aeUSD, which can not only be used for transactions but also earn an annualized return of 4.75%.

Operation panel

The following is an explanation of the operation panel. If you have played contracts on Binance or ftx before, it should be easier to get started.

One of the more commonly used functions is the transaction history function under the asset tab. You can see that your transaction has received a large multiplier:

The other is the AEVO label, where you can see your enlarged trading volume. Note that this agricultural improvement refers to the amplification factor of each of your transactions, which is determined by your transaction frequency within 7 days. The more and more frequently you trade, the more your basic multiplier will increase, until it reaches 4 times. .

Then on this basis, a critical hit multiplier of 13-100 times will appear randomly. This is one of the fun aspects of Aevo.

A few key points:

Regarding the leverage ratio, if you plan to buy and sell quickly with a small amount of money, or do hedging operations with two accounts (one to buy and one to sell at the same time), then 20 times is no problem.

If you plan to open naked, it is best to change it to 5 times, so that when the market fluctuates, your risk will be smaller and your position will not be liquidated easily.

Because the depth of trading pairs on the exchange on the chain is still worse than that of Binance, it is recommended that you try to do ETH trading pairs if you want to brush the volume. At present, it is observed that the relative liquidity is the best.

If you operate manually, you can try to use limit price orders instead of market prices. In most cases, opening an order at market price will cause you to lose a little money before opening a position. It is also possible to wait for a while to receive the limit price when the market is stable.

Regarding transaction fees:

In fact, it is not high, but mainly because of the depth issue, the spread will be a bit large. Therefore, the wear and tear of simply doing a bilateral hedging strategy is still a bit large. It is best for everyone to make some money when trading to make up for the trading wear and tear.

Brother Lion’s current trading ideas:

Do not open without hedging, because the recent trend of ETH is not bad, so even if you are trapped in long orders, you will be able to get out sooner or later. What you need is some patience. Use 5 times leverage, never fill up every time you open an order, and keep the ETH position liquidation price below 2,500.

Try to wait until ETH pulls back or the market price stabilizes to open an order. If you make a small profit, close the order and take profit before opening.

If you have a robot API, you can consider splitting small orders and trading frequently to increase the probability of critical hits. You can communicate with me via private message about this strategy.

Disclaimer: The content above is only the author's opinion which does not represent any position of Followin, and is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, investment advice from Followin.
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