Valuation of US$200 million, financing of US$17 million, first AI node pledge public chain ALIENX airdrop and node participation tutorial

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Since OpenAI released ChatGPT, the application of AI has quickly become a hot topic around the world and continues to develop and evolve. From the initial concept to today's practical applications, AI has become an important part of the modern technology field.

AI has also had a positive impact on the encryption market. The application of AI concepts has received more attention, and related tokens have also performed very well. AI can provide Web3 with more tools and resources, while helping users better understand the market, optimize trading strategies, reduce risks, and achieve better investment returns. As AI technology continues to advance and its application scope expands, it will continue to play an increasingly important role in promoting the development and growth of the encryption market.

ALIENX Chain—AI-driven high-performance public chain

ALIENX Chain is currently the only high-performance EVM-compatible public chain driven by artificial intelligence AI nodes in the market. It supports users to run AI nodes and earn income by staking mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, ARB, and NFT.

ALIENX is jointly launched by AlienSwap, Offchain Labs (Arbitrum development team) and Caldera, and is mainly built based on Arbitrum Orbit technology. The team recently announced that it has received two rounds of financing totaling US$17 million from investors including OKX Ventures, C² Ventures, NEXT Leader Capital, etc., with the valuation reaching US$200 million.

ALIENX distributes Gas Fees to node operators, DApp developers and ecological users, truly following the centralization theme of the blockchain. Distribute profits to the community according to contributions, start from the community and give back to participants.

AI nodes are mainly used to drive NFT and blockchain games and become an integral part of the network as a foundation. They will also automatically monitor the ALIENX network to avoid network problems caused by possible wrong blocks and maintain the blockchain. Network stability and security.

How AI Node is changing the blockchain

ALIENX's AI Node mainly uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically participate in the monitoring and maintenance of the blockchain network through AI nodes around the world. The advantage of this is that it can effectively enhance the overall security of the network, and the performance of the network is also more scalable. and intelligence, and make changes based on real-time conditions.

The operation and maintenance of blockchain nodes does not end once and for all once the node program runs normally. Instead, operation and maintenance personnel need to pay attention to the status of the nodes at all times, such as false blocks being proposed, nodes going offline, failure to produce blocks leading to large-scale network outages, etc. Problems such as failures and network congestion have occurred in some well-known public chains on the market, such as Solana and Polygon. Previous solutions tend to respond slowly and affect the operation of DApps on the chain, such as DeFi lending or DEX transactions and chain games, causing inconvenience and possible asset losses to users.

The main advantage of ALIENX's AI Node is to use AI to provide early warning of problems and take over through backup solutions. For example, when the network has incorrect block proposals or faults and congestion, etc., the AI ​​Node will initiate communication, and the verification node can quickly Intervene to maintain the normal operation of the network and ensure that users can use it normally.

Here, the AI ​​Node is designed to run as an AI agent and becomes a key factor in maintaining network operation. AI Node is open to ordinary community users to participate. Everyone can purchase AI Node and participate in node operation, and receive generous node rewards. The official said that 40% of the AIX tokens will be allocated to AI Node operators. , to stimulate users’ enthusiasm for participation.

Community Incentive Activities

ALIENX announced a series of community incentive activities for the project this year, and 65% of the total token supply will be used for the distribution of community incentives.

Community users can obtain token rewards by participating in project interactions, social tasks, AI nodes, etc.!

ALIENX’s token rewards are mainly divided into three stages:

1. ALIENX release and AEP NFT airdrop (completed)

It is mainly the launch of the ALIENX Explorer NFT Drop, which is mainly aimed at early users of ALIENX and AlienSwap community participants. The total number of NFTs is 10,000.

2. AIX social task airdrop, AI Node node sales and staking rewards

At present, the social task airdrop has begun. Community users can obtain boxes by completing social tasks (checking in, retweeting, following, promoting, entering DC or TG, etc.). Open the box to receive token vAIX rewards.

Node sales are mainly for community users to purchase AI nodes to participate in the accounting process of the ALIENX chain and obtain node income. The node income is allocated to 40% of the total amount. AI Node will be released on April 8, and is mainly divided into two parts: whitelist and public sale. Users at the top of the social airdrop activity rankings can obtain the whitelist, and the node will be activated and run in June.

AI Node node prices are divided according to levels. The earlier you purchase, the more favorable the price will be. At the same time, as a key factor supporting the stable operation of the ALIENX mainnet, the probability of losing money by participating in the operation of AI Node is also very small.

3. Mainnet and TGE

The ALIENX mainnet is planned to be launched in June. At that time, community users can exchange vAIX for AIX mainnet tokens, and the AI ​​nodes will also be officially launched, and users who participate in the AI ​​nodes will receive benefits.

In addition, users can stake AIX through Staking to obtain staking rewards. ALIENX has also launched the ALIENX Brain Program. KOLs, community volunteers and MODs can earn badges through participation and contribution, which are also important credentials for subsequent rewards.

The ALIENX incentive activity cycle is short and the allocation share is large, accounting for 65% of the total token supply. According to an estimate of US$200 million, it is an airdrop of US$130 million! The most important thing is that there is no need to wait for a long time, no PUA, and no endless points tasks. You can directly obtain x tokens and redeem them when the mainnet is launched. The concept, team, and financing of the project are all excellent enough. It is recommended that you focus on participating in such a project!

ALIENX airdrop participation tutorial

1. Open the URL


Switch the network to Arbitrum, use Metamask to connect to the wallet, and sign.

Follow the page prompts and follow the official Twitter

2. Click Free Mint on the right, and 1-9 boxes will be randomly selected. After the drawing is completed, the wallet will pop up a payment box. We can get the vAIX reward after confirming the payment. In addition, there is a small probability of getting 0.01ETH for every 300 addresses. award. The payment amount mainly consists of the cost of opening the box and the gas fee. We ignore the gas fee. The more boxes there are, the higher the payment. Generally, it is about 0.35u to open a box.

It should be noted here that when the payment box pops up, click Confirm a little faster and don’t spend time hesitating. Also, don’t modify gas and other parameters, and don’t think about canceling and redrawing or waiting for a while before paying. In this way It is easier to cause the contract execution to fail, and the page where you want to pay later will keep reporting errors, so you can only change the wallet account and do the task again.

3. After completing the lottery, we can see the task center. The main tasks are social tasks such as checking in every day and forwarding tweets. Follow the prompts to get the X-BOX box.

Answer to the question: D, ABCD, B

Invitation rewards: The first-level invitation can get 20% reward, the second-level invitation reward is 5% and 5 X-BOX casting opportunities.

According to the airdrop rules, although the number of tokens for opening the box is random, the number of airdrop tokens is fixed. You can continue to receive rewards by opening the box. The more boxes there are, the greater the rewards for opening the box. As of March 29, each box can currently give out roughly 100-300 vAIX rewards. In most cases, completing social tasks can get 3000-5000 vAIX rewards.

If we calculate based on the current number of airdrop tokens in each box, as the number of participants increases, there may be insufficient airdrop tokens in the future. Therefore, it can be speculated that the increase in the number of participants in the future will lead to a decrease in the number of tokens opened in the box. That is to say, the earlier you participate, the more tokens you will receive as rewards.

Airdrop analysis

ALIENX is a technological pioneer in driving blockchain nodes through AI and has obvious advantages over other projects. 65% of the project's token airdrops are mainly used for community distribution. After we remove 40% of the node revenue distribution, 25% of the tokens will be used for social task activities, which is a relatively large proportion.

The ALIENX airdrop task is relatively simple and easy to complete. The airdrop allocation is clear. In addition, the project has official support and investment from OKX and Arbitrum, so the resources and strength are available.

Based on a project valuation of US$200 million, US$130 million of tokens have been used for airdrops, and the share of social airdrop activities is US$50 million. At present, the number of followers on the official Twitter is close to 100K (you need to follow the official Twitter to participate in the event), which means that the average airdrop per person is about 500U. The project side is relatively well-organized for such well-known airdrops. The AI ​​​​track is still in its early stages, and there is still a lot of room for explosive growth in the future. There are zero opportunities and low-cost opportunities to obtain tokens, so don’t miss it.

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